Can't Find Mr. Right, How About Mr. Right Now?

By ghanamma
Can't Find Mr. Right, How About Mr. Right Now?
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I'm sure I'm not the only confused sister out there in search of the ever-elusive Mr. Right. While falling in love is bliss, love itself is a bit too complicated. I don't know how or when it will happen but I guess one way or the other culture expects us to find a Mr. Right. Culture aside, I also don't want to remain single for the rest of my life and become the last party girl standing who is always being asked by nosey aunties, “Is there anyone special in your life?” at family gatherings.

When it comes to finding Mr. Right, most of my friends tell me, “It will happen when you are ready!” Friends of mine who are less optimistic about the quest to find Mr. Right say, “Don't give it too much thought for it might just not happen.” Ouch! Maybe there is some truth in what my friends have to say. A girl like me knows what she wants in her Mr. Right— I'll take a tall order of a Denzel Washington face, Djimon Hounsou chocolate complexion, Will Smith charm and Usher sex appeal. But the truth is, it is never guaranteed I will find Mr. Right exactly how I want him.

So I began to wonder how long most of us are willing to wait to find the one. I'd venture to say that most of us are not willing to wait until pigs fly and hell freezes over to find Mr. Right. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that once we hit 24, the sooner we find Mr. Almost Right the better! Why 24? Well, according to my scientific calculations, if you find Mr. Almost Right at 24, and then take the standard time to date him (1 year), get engaged and have a standard engagement (another 1 year), and then enjoy a blissful year of marriage before having children, that puts you squarely at 27 years old. Can anyone else hear the loud ticking of the biological clock? Some women hear their biological clock ticking so loudly that they are willing to settle for Mr. Not Right At All

As much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Right is essential to every woman. We may be smart, independent women who can buy our own diamonds if we want them, but there is no woman out there who doesn't yearn for a guy to settle down with and grow old together with. Maybe you don't call him Mr. Right and instead he is the one, the metro guy, babes, honey, the perfect boyfriend or even the metro sexual guy (you know, the guy who is so sensitive, looks gay but is all straight and actually likes shopping more than you do).

To be fair, though, men are also on a search for the right one—a Mrs. Right if you will— but their slower biological clocks simply don't make that quest as urgent as women's

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I want to clarify that a girl like me is in no hurry to get hitched. The idea of Mr. Right sounds very much inviting and enticing but getting trapped in the web of a bad marriage is a big no-no in my book. After all once I get married, I want it to be forever—that is something else my culture has instilled in me. For a girl like me, the Miss Independent, Miss Sassy, Miss Intelligent, the Miss-I-Want-To- Achive-My-Dreams-Before-Marriage, Mr. Right Now is a great match for me. You know who I'm talking about. He's the guy who is not really your type, but the chemistry burns with him. You are probably incompatible—when he says up, you say down. You probably have different attitudes on everything—he's a staunch conservative and you're a bleeding heart liberal. Sure he's not so perfect but you're willing to overlook the differences because all that matters is the here and now.

For every woman searching and yearning in a quaterlife crisis, if you can't find Mr. Right how about Mr. Right Now ... then and forever? Crisis over!

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