How To Influence Your Husband – Part 1

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APR 27, 2014 LISTEN
influence your husbsnd

(1) Accept Him. To influence your man, you must first learn to accept him the way he is, stop trying to change him (you can't be successful in that). Stop being difficult through nagging, criticism, condemnation, and comparison. If you try to change him, he will grow the thick skin, crawl into his shell to protect himself from onslaught. Acceptance of a man will show him you respect and love him. If you want him to spend more time with you, eat your food, play with you, be your friend and confidant, then learn to accept him, stop putting him down, listen to him, appreciate him celebrate him and hero worship him.

(2) Respect Him . Ephesian. 5:33. When a man knows that you respect him, he will listen to you and accept your correction most especially if it is presented respectfully. The fear of many men is that their wives want to take over the authority of the home from them, hence, they become difficult, rigid and stubborn to their wives. If you respect him, he will come down to your level.

(3 ) Be Attractive. If he doesn't like the way you dress, he will not listen to you when you address him. Dress neatly, be modern, be moderate, be attractive, and look like a lover girl.

(4) Give him your attention and affection. Never allow career, and motherhood take you away from your man. Create time for him, create interest in him, show him you love and care, let him know he is welcome; let him know you are on his side.

(5) Pray for Him. Talk to God about him, tell God how you feel, tell God to open his ears to your discussion, tell God to make you a woman of influence and teach you what to do to win the heart of your husband. Don't forget to destroy every stronghold between yourself and your husband and that He should separate your man from bad friends.

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