Relationships That Determines Your Marriage – Part 2

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LISTEN APR 21, 2014
choosing s life partner-total-family-lifedotcom

(1) RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS: The way you relate with your neighbours now will affect your marriage tomorrow. If you have been fighting, keeping malice with your neighbours, you are building yourself up for combatant and malice with your husband or wife and in-laws. And this will give you a lot of problem and heartache in marriage.

Develop a good relationship with your neighbour today. If your marriage must be peaceful tomorrow, learn to dwell in peace with them.

(2) RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SIBLINGS: Regardless of the age difference with your siblings, you must learn how to give them their own respect, never to oppress them and to dwell with them with love. Are they always happy when you traveled or sad? If they are always happy when you are away from home that means, you are a trouble shooter at home, the troubler of their Israel. With that, you cannot be a partner your spouse will be happy living with. Learn to be tolerant and endear to fair play. It's either you are older than your spouse or he/she will be older,

Marriage is friendship not executive but social in nature. So if you don't know how to keep friendly relationship, you may not know how to turn your spouse to your friend.

If you don't know how to be friendly, your marriage will be boring, lonely and full of unfriendly activities like malice, fighting, nagging and unforgiveness.

Learn to make friends and keep friends. Visit people and call them often. Make yourself indispensable to your friends likewise to your husband/wife to be friends forgives, cultivate the habit of forgiveness.

(4) RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY: Love is expensive, marriage is costly. As singles, learn to make money, keep money and invest money. Don't just be money spender or “money saviour”, be an incurable giver and investor.

As a sister or brother, learn how to invest part of your income, pay tithes to God, give to the things of God. Be a giver, give to the needy. Don't wait for people to ask before you give to them. If you don't cultivate the habit of giving now, you can't be generous in marriage. Start now lest your spouse & children suffer in the midst of plenty.

(5) RELATIONSHIP WITH KITCHEN: – Marriage is kitchen; kitchen is marriage because kitchen is the soul of marriage. Invest in your kitchen ability now as singles; learn how to cook delicious meals, local and continental dishes. You can keep or lose your husband through food that's why you must ask questions and learn more about cooking, buy kitchen utensils before you even get married.

Wishing you a happy & blissful marriage as you consummate with the above relationship rightly.

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