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How Good Are You In Advertising Yourself?

By Olayemi J. Ogunojo
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Humans are mobile adverts; call it walking billboards and believe me Miss Chioma won't call it a misnomer. The packaging determines the worth and at times the worth determines the value so how do you package and present yourself to the world? Yes, how do you advertise yourself?

The young man with huge tribal marks, from a remote village who spoke like he had lived in the choicest part of Victoria Island in Lagos, all his life is advertising himself to his potential employers.

The model who cat-walked in a beauty contest like she had no bones in her but roses is advertising herself to the judges.

The upcoming actor who gesticulated in an audition like he mentored Denzel Washington is advertising himself to all stakeholders.

The woman who took her time in the kitchen in order to prepare sumptuous meal for her fiancé is advertising her culinary skills to her potential husband.

The doctor who says, "Mama is suffering from hypercholesterolaemia," to an architect is advertising himself.

The lawyer with a sticker on his car windscreen which says, “I'm an honest barrister, who says lawyers are liars?” is advertising himself.

Igbo parents who christened their son Emeka, Ghanaian counterparts who call theirs Kofi are telling the world, "We're Nigerians and Ghanaians," respectively. Good advert!

Before you were promoted in your class, you must have proven your abilities to your teachers. You got that promotion in your office having convinced your superiors (with your abilities) that you were able and capable. When you go for seminars, conferences ... and network, you're advertising yourself. When you go for manicure and pedicure you're doing 'commercials.' You must have succeeded in marketing yourself to your spouse before (s)he married you.

Who doesn't know how to advertise himself or herself? It's not only Carlos Slim Helu or Aliko Dangote that business recognises, it recognises you and I, me and you for we do business everyday of our lives. We're all business people for we always have something to sell to others.

Learn social etiquette, polish your habits, refine your hobbies, walk tall, gait nice yes with poise and panache and always put your best foot forward. No advert is better!

Smartness is the ability to sell yourself to the world! Wishing you the very best in your marketing undertakings.

Author: Olayemi J Ogunojo – Relationship Cum Life Coach, Public Speaker, Philosopher And Freelance Journalist.

email: [email protected]

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