destine to praise
LISTEN APR 15, 2014
destine to praise

One of the major reasons for our existence is to give praise to God and we are specially designed for that purpose; which dictates our design. Your purpose influences your design – spirit, soul and body. “The people I made especially for myself are people custom-made to praise Me.” (Isaiah 43:21 MSG). Bible scholars tell us that only three archangels are mentioned in the Bible – Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. Gabriel is mentioned whenever he was delivering messages from God, Michael is mentioned wherever warfare was going on and Lucifer led worship in heaven, but he rebelled and was sacked along with a third of the angels he controlled. God then came up with a sophisticated idea. He decides not to create angels but a replica of Himself in a lower state and He created a planet where this new being would also exercise dominion like God (Genesis 1:26-27). He also wired into us the capacity to praise Him (appreciate Him for what He does) and worship Him (appreciate Him for who He is). God wants to be appreciated for what He has done and He has designed us for this purpose (1 Peter 2:9). In Genesis, when there was no one else to Him, He praised Himself (Genesis 1:31). When Lucifer sees us praising God, he gets jealous.

Once you establish that part of your destiny is to praise God and to bring Him praise, whenever you align with your destiny, all things work for your good. Once we do the will of God and align with His will, it makes it possible for Him to work on our behalf (Romans 8: 28-30). Remember that there is a broader dimension to praising God than praising Him directly – all that we do and all that we are should bring Him praise: our work, our lifestyles, our talents, etc (Genesis 41:38). He calls us into His family and then He justifies us, He forgives our sins and so all of Satan's accusations die and all the sins we ever committed are forgiven. We now have the right to be in His presence and then we are glorified (Romans 8:1). The next stage is glory, beauty and wealth; it is the manifestation of God in our lives. Everything else falls into place when we align with destiny. When you are praising God, you are lining up with your destiny.

Do not focus on what Satan is doing; find reasons to praise God. Focus on what on God is doing. Make up your mind not to glorify Satan (Psalm 23: 4). God has promised never to leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5; Acts 16:25). Fulfil your destiny and give God praise!

Story Pastor Sam Adeyemi

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