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10 Most Popular Dog Names

10 Most Popular Dog Names
LISTEN MAR 28, 2014

You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to getting a dog.  You may choose to purchase your dog from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter. You also have to decide whether you'd like a puppy or a full-grown dog. Once you've actually acquired your furry friend, you might think you're done making decisions. However, you still have to make perhaps the most important decision of all: What will you name your pet?  If you're at a loss for what name might be best, take a look at this list.  You're sure to find one that's the perfect fit. Here are several most popular pet names for your dog:

1. Buddy
When it comes to naming your dog, you really can't go wrong with “ Buddy .” It's sweet, fun and suitable for almost any breed. After the movie “Air Bud” was released, this name became even more popular and has been going strong ever since. After all, your dog is your little buddy.  You might as well give him a name that fits his description! 2. Molly

“ Molly ” is almost the female equivalent of “Buddy.”  There's a sweetness about it that makes it seem appropriate for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Whether you have a Chihuahua, a Rottweiler or something in between, “Molly” should definitely be a contender on your list of potential pet names. 3.  Duke

This is another classic name that dog owners tend to favor. “ Duke ” seems especially popular for larger breeds that are known for being loyal, like Labrador retrievers.  It also works well for any smaller breed that possesses regal qualities, such as a Yorkshire terrier.  Of course, you can always go with “Duchess” if your dog is a female. 4.  Lola

If you're looking for a female dog name with a slight edge to it, “ Lola ” might be a good choice.  It's one of the trendiest pet names out there right now.  It's fun to say and it's sure to bring smiles whenever you introduce your pet to your friends, family members and acquaintances. 5.  Bear

A dog owner might choose to go with this name because his or her pet is quite literally as big as a bear.

Many larger breeds can weigh just as much as some bear cubs.  If you've just brought home a massive mound of

muscle and fur, “ Bear ” may be just the name you're looking for! 6.  Riley

“ Riley ” is a fantastic option to consider if you've got a new pet to name.  It can be used for both male and female dogs of any breed.  “Riley” has been gaining some traction lately in terms of trendiness, but it's not yet overused.  Going with this name is a great choice if you want something that's a little unique, but not too far out of the box. 7. Lucy

Another popular name for a female dog is “ Lucy .”  It's especially appropriate if your dog is a reddish shade since this name often makes people think of everyone's favorite redhead, Lucille Ball. However, “Lucy” can be just as fitting for dogs of other colors as well.  This playful name will likely remain popular for many years to come. 8.  Samson

Perhaps you've got a strong canine and you'd like to give him a name that's just as strong.  If so, “ Samson ” is the perfect choice. This name is associated with strength as well as long hair.  It's an excellent option for dogs with lengthy manes, such as bushy Old English sheepdogs.  On the other hand, it can also be a comical choice for those with miniature breeds. 9. Bella

“ Bella ” means “beautiful” in Italian so it's great for breeds that are typically regarded as attractive, such as a striking Weimaraner or a cute Pomeranian.  Even if you have a mixed-breed mutt with a face only a mother could love, “Bella” can still be a nice name.  After all, your pup likely looks perfect to you.  Every dog is beautiful in its own way! 10. Max

“ Max ” has become the go-to name for male breeds in all shapes and sizes.  It can even be an edgy choice for a female dog. ”Max” is also easy to say, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a name that quickly rolls off the tongue during the training process.

If you've recently acquired a dog, you want to make sure you put a good amount of time and effort into naming him or her. It's important to give your pet a name that will suit his or her unique characteristics and personality.  Your dog will hopefully be a part of your family for many years and you'll likely be using his or her name several times on a daily basis. Let this list of some of the top pet names be your guide as you work to find the perfect moniker for your family's new addition! What are your favorite dog names? Do you have dogs?


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