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Life Lessons a man must imbibe and act on. (1)

LISTEN FEB 27, 2014

Niyi Fadipe
It is good thing to live life and enjoy it to the fullest. Life cannot be better than being enjoyed. You would have yourself to blame if you fall short of all your innate qualities God endowed you with.

As a man so many peoples life depend on your life. I mean you wife, children, parent, siblings, neighbor. Even the society needs you more than you know.

Do not die or go to the grave with your gift, intellect, talent without allowing it to benefit mankind.

To this end, permit me to share these few life lessons that would spur you into releasing yourself and using your innate qualities to benefit humanity.

a)  Ask questions about what to do with your gift or when you are confused. Seek information on how to deplore your gift and to be better. Improve yourself to be the best irrespective of the contending challenges.  Do not remain, an island alone seek to add to what you have and what you know. Remember, what you don't know will always rub you of grandeur.

b)  Always be honest. As a man your integrity matters. Please, do not compromise standard. Stand for something right and adhere to it. Let the world know your stand on certain issues of life. There is no short cut to success. The only route to success is honesty. Also, the only route that can sustain and maintain success is honesty.

c)  Live below your income. Irrespective of your income you need not live in debt. To live out of debt is to live below your income. Do not say your income is small. Even with your low income, make it a rule that you will save or invest at least minimally 10% of your income.  Remember as a man eyes are on you. Do not fail.

d)  Talk about your vision. Nobody will advertise you, your gift, your product or anything you sell like yourself. A man that does not talk about his vision will always be a slave to his contemporaries.

e)  Do not live an immoral life. You have nothing to gain living an immoral life. The most you enjoy in immorality is just 8 seconds but the consequences are a lifelong commitment of suffering, pain, regret and sorrow. As a man, you come across temptation from the female folk yet choose not to fall.

Credits: Niyi Fadipe

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