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Five tips to get your business started

start business
LISTEN FEB 25, 2014
start business

So you want to start a business? You've gotten an idea and have developed a concept of how to be successful. You've gotten the appropriate training and are ready to go. But, take it easy, here are some tips worthy to consider.

1.  The name is important: While for purpose of identification, every business should have a name. But in the age of the internet, you'll also need a website. And a name for the website too. So, you need to do an online check to know whether your desired business domain name is available. If it's available, buy it even if you're not ready to start a business. If it's not available, you might need to consider changing it, or forget being on the internet, which is not advisable. And remember

2.  Register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission. For sole proprietorship, you may be able to fill and submit the applications on your own. But for other forms of business, you might need to hire a lawyer.

3.  Follow the money: Okay, you've gotten a name. It's time to open a bank account. And you'll need to register with the appropriate tax authorities. You stand a LOT to gain from paying your tax like juicy business opportunities, even though it might appear a great burden to a fledgling business.

4. Get quality stationery: You will need to let people know you're in business. Start by printing office stationeries like letterheads and envelopes. And make sure they're of good enough quality to represent your business as in some instances, these stationeries will be the first impression your business gives to others.

5. Advertise on the internet: while you can spread the word about your business through word of mouth to family and friends, the internet has evolved to be a free advertisement if properly used. And as a smart entrepreneur, you can take advantage of it by engaging previous and potential customers. Hence, opening accounts for your business on appropriate social media like facebook, youtube, instagram, google +, linkedin, and Twitter, is a good idea.

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