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Valentine: Don’t Let The Immediate Spoil The Ultimate

Valentine: Don’t Let The Immediate Spoil The Ultimate
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My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not (Proverb1:10)

Oh be careful little eyes, what you see… and ears what you hear… and mind, what you think… and heart, what you love.

How can you sing the song of Zion in the land of Babylon? it is a song of Zion in Babylon for a lady that composes poem for another woman's husband and a man who is sending message to another man's wife or a girl of his daughter's age is in slavery to adultery.

Adultery is wrong people doing the right thing it is wrong all together.

…Whoso commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding: He that doeth it destoryeth his own soul. a wound and dishonour shall he get, and his reproach shall not be wiped a way (proverb 6:32-33)

The unmarried ones that honour this day with red colour, do not misbehave so that red colour today will not give you red eyes of tears: sorrow, failure, HIV, disappointment, teenage pregnancy, emotional trauma. Go and ask from people that wore red colour ten years ago many of them are regretting it now because they failed to realize that ONE CANNOT PREPARE IN BATTLE, YOU CAN ONLY PREPARE FOR BATTLE learn from their mistake and errors: Go for good books, marriage can not end challenges, it is the beginning of new ones. Salvation in Christ should be your requirement to choose a mate not how sexy or romantic. If you marry a child of the devil, Satan will be your father in-law. If you are not affected but you know someone who will be afflicted with social menace to day kindly send this message across to them.

To the married, use today to re-strengthen the fire of love in your family, the unmarried ones, use this day to pray to God to give you the person that will help you to fulfill your divine purpose. Do not let today spoil your future. Don't let fool kiss you, let not kiss fool you. Your body is God's temple, use it for divine purpose, don't misuse or abuse it.  Acts wisely, don't react negatively. If your body is dustbin today you cannot become a vessel of honour to attract heaven sent husband in the future.

Without the way, there is no going,
Without the truth, there is no knowing,
Without the life, there is no living.
May the blood of Jesus Christ flood to wash and safeguard you today and all your tomorrows till eternity.


With the spirit of ineffable love in Christ,
Ezekiel Kolawole

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