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Renewal Of Vows: Four (4) Things To Consider When Renewing Marriage Vows

Renewal Of Vows: Four (4) Things To Consider When Renewing Marriage Vows
LISTEN FEB 8, 2014

Renewal Of Vows: Four (4) Things To Consider When Renewing Marriage VowsThere are several reasons behind renewing a couple's vows. It can be to celebrate a milestone or anniversary, to reconfirm commitments to each other or to have an opportunity to recreate memories that you weren't able to do so during the initial ceremony.

What To Consider When Planning For A Renewal Of Marriage Vows

Do remember though that like any other occasion, there are certain factors to consider first before taking action and moving forward with it. Here are some of them.1. Vow Renewals and Weddings are two different things. While they may have few similarities like both are public declarations of love for one another, keep in mind that there are huge differences as well. For instance, bachelorette and bachelor parties are not applicable anymore on the former. These are designed for the latter alone. You can still book the affair in a location like The Oasis for example, and hire a wedding catering service for your guests, but the list of elements that comprises the entire celebration are no longer the same like the first time – no more entourage composed of bridesmaid or groomsmen nor there will be any removal of garter during the reception program. There is not a need to file for a marriage license either although a copy of the certificate may be necessary in some instances.

2. This is not a gift-giving occasion. Weddings generally have bridal showers where close friends and families give gifts to help you start with your family life. Popular choices include a set of glassware and cooking utensils, appliances such as toasters and electric kettle or beddings and pillow covers. It is not practical to do this on vow renewals since you already have a home setup. In other cases, you have children or grandchildren already. Hence, encourage them to show their moral support instead by gracing the affair and being there when you need them.

3. Plan and prepare. It will entail time and effort on your end to do the planning and preparation. After all, it is still an event. Where many will opt to hire a coordinator to lessen the pressure, most often than not, the wife usually takes care of all details on her own. So start ahead of time and ask a sister or friend to assist you throughout the process.

4. Make it ultra-special. Never forget to have fun during these moments. Think outside the box, be open to ideas and inspiration that you weren't able to implement on during your wedding. See if they can be done on your marriage renewal.

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