29.10.2008 Social Issues

Be Firm And Stick To Your Guns

By Daily Graphic
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When you reach the adolescent age, you are sure to have many people — your mates, seniors, and even adults, make passes at you. That you can't prevent.

But what you can prevent is allowing yourself to be harassed or pushed to the wall to accept proposals from boys.

As you enter the SHS this academic year, you are likely to be confronted with such situations that you may not be able to prevent from happening.


Your seniors or mates will go to any extent to 'chase' you for a relationship. And when you turn such proposals down, the person who proposed love to you would become hurt, ashamed and might want to make you miserable.

Most of such people will pick on you and maltreat you: Punish you severely, make their friends to laugh at you when you pass by, ridicule you and sometimes accuse you wrongly of things you have not done.


They believe that with time, you will become frustrated and give in to their desires. They will, therefore, continue to make life unbearable for you in school.

But that should not push you in any way to change your mind about your decision.


Stand by your words no matter what they do to you because with time, you will realise that they will respect you for being firm and your good morals.

Nonetheless, if you feel uncomfortable with their taunts, go ahead and report to your teacher or school counsellor.


Nobody has the right to make your life uncomfortable.That is when you stand up for yourself and not allow yourself to be bullied.

If after informing your teachers, things don't change, then you have to make your parents aware of all that has gone on. They will take it up too.

In life, you must always be firm with your decisions otherwise, people will push you around when they realise that you can be easily manipulated.


Develop that strong power to withstand pressure and always stick to your guns.

If you are able to do that your future will be one that you planned for yourself and not that which others caused you to do.

By Adeline Koramoah

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