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Ladies: Grooming mistakes to avoid

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Ladies:  Grooming mistakes to avoid
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However, this notion should be dispelled with.

As ladies, start by identifying and defining who you really are; what image and message you want to communicate across your audience, and then dress accordingly.

If you would like to project a conservative and private image, then avoid wearing bright multicoloured clothes. Rather opt for subtle colours, otherwise you will become automatically visible to observers for the wrong reasons.

We need to remember that there is a common consensus that binds a large group of people with regard to what is deemed acceptable within our social cultural setting.

Therefore conforming to societal expectations of us becomes a must if we are keen on gaining the respect and honour due us.

That said let us examine some fashion blunders committed by us women in the name of fashion and style.

Excessively tight jeans and trousers

Ladies should avoid wearing very tight jeans and pants thinking that it will enhance their figures.

They end up looking uncomfortable with bulging thighs and buttocks and their panty lines glaring. Really it sends out the wrong message. Guys are often embarrassed and are scared to let you

know how terrible you look.
G- String and Panties extravaganza

If you cannot wear a low rise trouser or skirt with a long top then don't wear them at all.

Having your entire private package exposed is like offering a free show for all. It's appalling to observe ladies dressed with their underwear all over the place and when you try correcting them all that they would say is 'I'm aware'.

Brazier galore

Braziers both strapped and strapless belong to the underwear category. They therefore should remain under your clothes.

Actually dressing with your bra strap on display is indeed a sign of poor fashion etiquette. Ask yourself, have you ever seen Michel Obama's bra in public?

Tight tubes and tops

When a top is too tight you notice that when you button up there are pockets of holes in between the buttons. Is this the case with you? Then obviously your top is way too tight.

Tight tops make your breast bulge out and if you have a large tummy it can look pretty nasty.

Matching your colours

You should never wear all your clothes and accessories in the same colours. It makes you rather invisible because there is no contrast of colours in your clothes.

Mix and match and rather opt to wear similar colours and NOT exactly matching colours

The right tops for your leggings

The light stretchy material used for leggings have a tendency of making them look like a second skin on you. That is why they can be very revealing.

All legging MUST therefore be worn with a long top to cover your front, as well as your bum behind. The tops should end below your hips and NOT on your waist or buttocks.

Breast exposure

How much breast exposure is too much breast exposure we ask? Some see nothing wrong with a little cleavage exposure.

So we ask if it's proper to have guys address your boobs instead of your face when talking to you. Learn that a push-up bra isn't for every lady.

Less indeed is more. Let decency and conservation be your guide. Spilling out your boobs may actually end up getting you a negative feedback.

Transparent clothes

Wearing see through clothes should be a NO NO for ladies. It cheapens the wearer and gives the impression that you are desperate for attention and will do anything to get noticed.

Remember it's not what is on the outside that counts but rather true beauty starts from within and it never fails.

By Emma Addo-Owusu / The Mirror / Ghana

The Writer is a Certified Image Consultant. She provides Corporate & Personal Training on Grooming and Business Etiquette. She also runs KOBADEM Boutique.

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