11 qualities men love the most

By Essence
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Women usually complain about what they want in a man. It is time to see what a REAL man wants in a woman.

1.Honesty: a real man respects an honest woman. In fact they yearn for one. A woman who is honest is open about what she wants and can articulate her feelings well.

2.Empathy: men want to be understood. They don't know how it feels like to be a woman; the same way women do not know how it fells to be a man. But he will appreciate it more if you can see life from his perspective.

3.Acceptance: one of the worst things you can do is to judge a man especially in relation to his past life. He is not only seeking for forgiveness but acceptance too.

4.Trustworthy: if he has proven to be trustworthy, trust him. It strengthens him when he knows you believe in his character.

5.Goal Driven: every secure goal driven man wants the same in a woman.

6.Homemaker: that does not mean you spend the whole day cooking. He wants someone who can turn a house into a home. It makes his life balanced and secured.

7.Supportive: men need support system; there are enough critics in the world to criticize his every move. Be his number fan and support his dreams.

8.Down to earth: there is nothing like a woman who is practical. Whenever he relishes this quality, it allows him to put his guard down and helps to do away with his preoccupation to always impress you with flashy dates and things.

9.A firm foundation: men love standards and love it more when women stick to the standards. It gives them something to live up to.

10.Authenticity: He appreciates when you are exactly who you say you are at all times. He can't read your mind but he loves it when you speak it.

11.Drive: everyone admires someone who works hard at whatever you are doing. Such quality encourages him to work harder.

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