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4 December 2012 | Personality Profiles

Miss Liberia USA

Kwame Oldpa Weeks
Miss Liberia USA

Patience Noah must be credited with making one of the most startling comebacks in the history of Diaspora Liberian Beauty pageants when she lost to Pearl Lesley representing Egypt in the 2010 Miss Africa Pageant held in Worcester, Massachusetts.

According to this young Liberian talent; many who predicted her demise especially after the 2010 Miss Africa contest are now throwing their support behind her, something she sees as a sign of encouragement.

“After putting up a lackluster performance, I felt like the underdog, but all I needed was self-confidence which I thought was the reason for being booted out in eighth place.” She told MN Web regrettably.

Born in Monrovia and raised in Nimba, a fluent Gio speaker Patience spent her early childhood life with her little brother and mom in Nimba County and the Ivory Coast before migrating to the shores of the USA at age 13.

Columnist Ann P. Schreiber of Skills-USA-a partnership of students, teachers and industry group working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce-could not put it better when she wrote: “Living on the run in the midst of civil war, Patience Noah lost her enthusiasm for school. It took a long physical and emotional journey to regain a belief that all things are possible.”

She began entering beauty contests in 2009, eventually winning Miss University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth in 2010, Miss Liberia Metro-Boston 2011, and Miss Liberia Massachusetts 2011 and presently holds the Miss Liberia USA 2012-13 title.

Patience was very swift in her respond when asked as to whether she intends to pursue a career in acting. “There is nothing too impossible for one to do, as long as you put your mind and work towards that goal,” adding, “it is eventually doable.”

According to this beauty queen, she's managed to realize most of her early dreams through talent shows performances, now writing her own blog, modeling and is eyeing an acting career on the big screens of Hollywood through a West-Coast auditioning firm.

As a full-time student majoring in marketing, Patience is one of the most respected and multi-faceted speakers when it comes to project coordination at University of Massachusetts.

As coordinator of a student group called SIFE-Enatus, she is in fact responsible for taking business principles learned in classroom and applying same to real world situation in helping develop communities around them. She is presently the youth coordinator of ULAA in Massachusetts and has been doing an impeccable job since her appointment.

She is also widely believed to be the first Liberian contestant to implement and raise awareness on crisis that affect young Liberian women in the Diaspora through community service and self-implemented projects. Her focus has been rape, illiteracy, HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; stressing the importance of condom use and other preventive measures.

“In May of 2013 I will take this fight all the way to Africa especially to young girls of Liberia because I know the importance of education and the impact it can have on their future,” she stressed.

Patience is also expected to team up with a group known as 'Library for Liberia and Liberia's Mission' to assist in collecting donated books and computers which are expected to benefit underprivileged kids of Liberia. Library for Liberia is an arm of Rural Liberian Healthcare and Development Initiative, a 501© 3 nonprofit organization registered in the State of Massachusetts.

In Liberia, Patience is expected to team up with Miss Brigitte Rouhana the declared winner of the controversial 2012 Miss Liberia Pageant which ended with the Minister of Tourism seizing the crown. The both will hold series of fundraising events and visit rural Liberia in creating HIV and AIDS awareness.

On the subject of identity, she was quoted as saying “I'd like to say I'm native Liberian first, and I am an Americo-Liberian, I am Liberian-American, and I am Christian-American,” she concluded patriotically.