Why you hate your job (And what to do about it)

Why you hate your job (And what to do about it)
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There are a number of common factors that cause people to be dissatisfied with their jobs. Sometimes, these bad work situations can be changed for the better. In other instances, you need to think about changing jobs. Here are the most common reasons that people hate their jobs:

Difficult or bullying boss or coworkers: A bad boss can make your job difficult, a bullying boss can make your job a living hell. Bullying at work is reaching epidemic proportions. There are strategies to deal with bullying bosses, but if the boss has the support of the organization, it's probably time to get out.

Dead-end job: Often people get “stagnant” in their jobs. Oftentimes this can be changed by some cognitive restructuring (working to find the meaning in your job; setting work-related goals that you can take pride in), or through trying to move up and out of the job. Sometimes, you might want to explore educational opportunities or another job. See more here.

Need for work-life balance: We know that stress at work can spill over to family life, and vice versa. The key here is to do a work-life “inventory” and decide what aspects of your work or family life is causing the problem, and then taking steps to deal with it. Very often we endure difficult work or family situations because we ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. Take action. Get help.

Maybe it's just your genes: Research suggests that there are genetic, individual differences in people's job satisfaction – some people seem to more easily find joy in their work, and others tend to often be miserable. The key is to find meaning in life. For some people, that comes partially from work. For others, work is just a means for making a living, and those people need to find the meaning or joy in family, hobbies, or other areas.

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