Fun ways to keep the romance alive without sex


Go for a jog:
So office work leaves you with no time to enjoy some physical intimacy with your partner. Instead of staying up late, try to get some sleep for a jog next morning. Spending those few hours before rushing to work can in several ways improve your equation with him. Moreover, your spouse can be your best exercise buddy.

Create a music CD:
Your daily commute to work can be boring as well as tiresome especially if you live in a metro. But thinking about your partner on the way especially since you will get to see him only in the evening is always a nicer option. Compile some of his favourite songs and create a CD so that he can listen to them on his way to work. Bet he will be thinking of you all the while.

Send him a sweet treat: Packing him a lunch box isn't enough. After all everybody does that for their partners, isn't it? Find a delivery service close to his workplace and send him a box of chocolates after lunch hours. If your spouse has a sweet tooth, he will be pleasantly surprised by the gesture.

Leave a piece of you: Staying apart for most part of the day can leave both of you depressed. Try leaving him a little something that will remind him of you during his day. For example, dab some of your favourite perfume on to his handkerchief or leave a romantic note in his lunch box. Be assured it will make him feel special.

Dance your way to his heart: So what if you both have two left feet, doesn't mean you can't dance! If lovemaking becomes a process, dance your way to his heart instead. Meet your partner discreetly after office, and head to a dance class to put up a show. Dance or any other hobby will not only help you shed the stress, but also bring you both together.

Cook together: Cooking together at the end of the day is not only considered therapeutic, but also healthy for your relationship. Look up recipes that use interesting ingredients and require a lot of care and love to prepare. While you get involved tossing those beautiful ingredients together with your partner, you are sure to relive that romance all over again.

Dine with perfection: Take dinner to a whole new level by simply changing your approach to a few things. Dim the lights, bring out those aromatic candles and put the cutlery set that you got as a wedding gift to good use. Make the dining experience as exciting as the first date with your spouse.

Go on mini vacations: It may seem clichéd and impractical at the same time, but going on a short vacation every three months can help in keeping the romance alive. From flirting on secluded beaches to playing hide and seek in a foreign country, go wild with our list of romantic things to do on a vacation.

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