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Inspiration: Inside Satan's shopping mall: A must read

Inspiration: Inside Satan's shopping mall: A must read
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As fallen human beings, we were all labelled up for sale in satan's shopping mall/supermarket. Then suddenly a buyer enters the shop and it was Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

But satan did not want Christ to buy us.
Satan's plan was that we would be bought by someone else who is as wicked as him. But Jesus opened his purse and brought out his cash - He paid a very high price to buy us, the price of his precious blood.

Unwilling to release us, to let us go, satan raised up many obstacles and barriers to frustrate Christ from purchasing us.

Nevertheless, Christ explained to him that through his painful death on the

cross, He had paid the price for us.
Satan has no option than to give us to the new owner and this is how we became saved by his precious blood!

That means
Concerning our life, satan has lost the battle forever!... He does not own us

again and he has no dominion over us!
He may delay you, but he cannot deny you your Promised Land! The blood

that redeemed us was an extraordinary kind of Blood--- the blood of the God-man. Jesus Christ.

Write: "I want more of you Jesus," if u appreciate the death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary - Dr. Mabhiza.

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