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By Vodafone Ghana
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Ghana, Accra 23rdDecember 2011: Doctors on Vodafone's Healthline Radio show have debunked the widely held notion that wearing of beads on the waist of children will give them their curvaceous feminine shape in adulthood. According to them, there is no scientific proof that children who are made to wear beads will get the 'coca cola' shape as is widely held in some cultures. He explained that the body shapes assumed by most children are as a result of their genetic background, and not necessarily the wearing of beads.

On the habit of children biting their fingers, they advised parents to be cautious in their attempt to help their children put a stop to the habit. They spoke against beating the child, plastering the child's finger, using bitter liquids, etc. as ways of putting a stop to the habit, and urged parents and guardians to be a little more patient since most children grow out of the habit.

The doctors also said that left handed children should not be 'forced' into using their right hand. They explained that left handed children are controlled by the right side of the brain and studies show that they use their brain differently, which can put them at an advantage with some activities.

The Vodafone Healthline radio programme was launched about a month ago following the hugely successful TV program 'Healthline', which educated Ghanaians about common health issues. The radio show focuses on demystifying popular myths that inform our health behaviours and which have been part of the daily routines and lifestyles of Ghanaians. Popular myths concerning particular sexual positions used to conceive children of a certain sex, the nutritional habits of pregnant women and other fertility and sex related myths. The radio show will talk about many social taboos including Mental Health, Cancer and the Skin. It airs on Adom FM and its regional affiliates every Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm and on Citi FM and its regional affiliates on Saturdays from 11am to 12pm.

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