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Though the family unit is the least in the kingdom of God, it is this unit that concerns everyone. The family, which is the outer court, is the first dimension under genuine kingdom activities. It is the first basic unit. From the level of family, there is ascension into fellowship. It is under fellowship that those from different families, values, and backgrounds, now come together to be fellows in the same ship. All kinds of conflicts are expected to occur at this point as the different values conflict.

If you will take a statistics in the church and in the houses today, majority of those couples you see always posing for photographs are only legally married. They are not happily married. On the huts of marital life are two road signs. One is legal. The other is happy. Many people are legally married, but are not happily married. Some are both happily and legally married.

Life is about perspective, about how you see it. Life is about interpretation. The issue is not essentially the issue itself. The issue is how you interpret the issue. Different people see the same thing differently. This is because you don't see things the way they are. You see things the way you are.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding” (Proverbs 4.7KJV)

Understanding protects you from being stranded in life. So, when you get married and you don't understand how marriage works, eventually, the marriage becomes stranded. But when you understand yourself and the person you are married to; you understand the principles of marriage from the word of God, it makes it impossible for us to be stranded in marriage.


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