How can I get my husband to be more interested in sex?

Couples should discuss their sexual needs with each other, and not involve family and friendsCouples should discuss their sexual needs with each other, and not involve family and friends
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For many married couples, an active sex life is an integral factor in keeping the relationship strong. In fact, sexual compatibility is what may have drawn couples together to begin with. Unfortunately, not all couples enjoy regular sex, especially with the passing of time. It can be very frustrating, for example, for wives who have husbands that have lost interest in sex. While the problem can be relatively complex, wives can take definite steps to increase their husband's sex dive.

1. Make changes in physical appearance. The changes could include losing weight, or changing hair color and style. These changes could cause a husband to pay more attention to his wife's physical qualities, which could stimulate his sexual desires.

2. Wear more revealing clothing. This is especially important before going to bed. Visual stimulation is an important key in sexual arousal. Also, looking as attractive as possible at all times can attract positive attention.

3. Create a relaxing environment. A relaxing massage, for example, can help eliminate the symptoms of stress. Stress can be a contributing factor to a reduced interest in sex. Playing soothing music during the massage can be helpful in reducing stress as well.

4. Set up a time to discuss mutual feelings. This is especially important if the first three steps are unsuccessful. The meeting should be in a quiet place with limited distractions. An attempt should be made to allow both partners to speak freely.

5. Set a date to go away for a weekend together. Select a location where activities can be enjoyed together. Make an effort to look as good as possible, and have a romantic dinner together. Initiate as much physical contact as possible by holding hands and embracing.

6. Make an appointment, as a couple, to speak with a counselor. This is essential if the first five steps fail to bring satisfactory results. It is important to select a counselor with extensive experience handling couples with intimacy problems.

Tips and warnings
* Going to see a psychiatrist for counseling can be a very good decision. A loss of interest in sex could be a symptom of depression, and a psychiatrist could diagnose depression and treat it. A psychiatrist could prescribe remedies for stress as well. Take up hobbies where it is possible to spend quality time together. Quality time together can help couples become interested in each other again.

* Couples should discuss their sexual needs with each other, and not involve family and friends. A couple's sex life is a personal issue, and should be kept that way.

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