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How many calories does water burn?

How many calories does water burn?
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Although drinking water is often promoted as a necessary part of any diet, many people do not understand the health benefits of regular water consumption. In fact, drinking water actually burns calories.

Calories expended
According to the FitDay website, your body burns between one and eight calories as it brings an 8-oz. glass of water to room temperature. The exact number of calories expended depends on the original water temperature and your internal body temperature.

Weight loss effects
Although drinking water does initiate a calorie-burning session, weight loss through water consumption is nearly impossible. In fact, the FitDay website explains that if a person attempted to drink enough water to initiate weight loss, they would "suffer adverse health effects before any possible weight loss could take place." Too much water can be fatal, so consult with your doctor about any change in the amount of water you drink.

Water benefits
Although drinking water cannot ensure successful weight loss, regular water consumption is still essential for weight loss. The Calories Per Hour website explains that "the process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water," and dehydration only slows this process.

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