Five inappropriate habits your partner hates

By myjoyonline
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There are a lot of things we normally do unconsciously that have become our habits. Most of them, our partners see but are sometimes not able to tell us. Even our own friends sometimes find them very disgusting but can't tell us.

Five of such habits are outlined below.
* Picking the nose always: It is sometimes inevitable to pick our nose but some people have made it a habit to always do it. They can remove whatever is in the nose and sometimes play with it on their finger tips. Some after picking, put it in their mouths. You may think its children who do it but trust me, adults also do. Your partner hates you for that, especially when you do it in public.

* Keeping early morning saliva in the mouth: Some people wake up with saliva in their mouths but feel very lazy to get up and throw it away. They keep it in their mouths even when their partner wants to talk to them. They will speak with the saliva and in attempt to avoid it dripping, raise their heads a little and still talk. Eventually, some will drip and they will use the hand to save it. Its so inappropriate. Your partner hates it but finds it difficult telling you.

* Sneezing and blowing the nose carelessly: There is someone who sneezes so loud that a neighbour could even hear him from his room. Some also sneeze without covering their noses so even in public they do it without caring about anything. Some people will blow their noses with their bare hands and after, smear the mucus in the attire they are wearing. I can imagine how you are feeling right now but these are things people do without care. They feel its normal and oh, everyone does it but its not appropriate.

* Noisy gum chewing: Chewing as we know is a good source of exercise for the jaws but a lot of people abuse this fact. Some chew the gum with some attitude and want to hear the sound 'tata' and blow ballons out of it before they become satisfied. I bet you, if you are sitting close to someone like that you will feel irritated. Imagine talking with someone who is chewing with that attitude. Some also after chewing will stick them on doors, tables and under chairs. It is a very bad habit and I trust me your partner hates it.

* Talking Loudly in public: Imagine going out on a date with your partner and as you talk in the resturant everyone could hear the other partner. It could be so embarrasing. Since the conversation is all about the two of you, it could be done undertone. Another point is when the other party is on phone with a friend. It could be so loud that You will feel embarrased being with him or her.

These are just a few but there are more of such inappropriate habits that need to be brought to light so that people will realize them and try to control them. Some partners, knowing this, will not go out with you or will stay away from you most of the time but others will tolerate you a little and later find an excuse to leave you for good.

Please check these habits.

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