08.06.2011 Women Health

What makes a woman a 'Lady'?

08.06.2011 LISTEN
By myjoyonline

I have been thinking about what makes one a lady for so long and I realized five unique things that makes a lady.

I realized what makes me a lady from my research, so I thought I should give the platform to other people to identify themselves as ladies too.

Why don't you use the following points to compare your lady-like status?

1. Femininity is the number one thing that makes a lady. The fact that you are a female, and all other things that come together to form the female body is found on you and makes you a lady. So don't underestimate your body because it makes you the unique lady you are.

2.Classiness is the next thing. Being elegant in all aspect of your life makes you a lady.For instance, your way of dressing, walking, talking, etc, are what makes you lady the lady we see.

3. Having self confidence and the boldness to do things also makes one a lady. In my opinion facing realities boldly and confidently, makes one the lady I talk about.

4. Having a good personal hygiene behavior is another thing that makes a lady who she is. With all the above mentioned attributes, without a good personal hygiene, like well kept hair, nails, good breath, clean teeth, neat house etc, one cannot be a complete lady.

5. The last and not the least, a lady should be submissive and of substance. In all ways, a lady must be submissive not to only a man but to her fellow ladies and even to children. That brings to light the quality that shows that one is a complete lady.

Ladies, these are my views and I know you also have yours to share. Be ladies always.