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20 March 2011 | Spirituality & Religion

Do Spirits Really Exsist- Is there a Heaven or a Hell?

Melanie Miller

Do spirits really exsist or not? Is it only fabricated tales, like old folk lore? Do you believe in a spirit world, and have you ever seen a ghost or apparition? You may feel they exsist and you maybe right in feeling they are real.

I myself lived in a haunted dwelling, and seen a ghost. My uncle even sat down one evening and read a newspaper, and the ghost ripped the newspaper in half, he almost had a heart attack when this happened. I have seen my share of ghost. Why, even a woman appeared before my very own eyes, and told me what had happened to her, how she died and I felt her wanting to enter my body, and soul.

I know ghosts exsist as well as demons exsist. I have felt a presence of not only a ghost but a denomic force in the air before. Do you feel demons exsist as well as ghost exsist?

I used to have a friend that told me her husband seen a ghost and that everything in her house one day- when she came home from work was torn or moved around the living room and it scared and frightened her. Her husband was at home at the time this incident occured and she thought her mate was playing a prank on her, but he did not. He was scared out of his wits too. They moved shortly after this occured, and never returned to get all their belongings. Some ghosts are scary and some are just plain harmless. I knew of others that experienced ghosts or demons around them. I could tell so many stories. I just feel most ghosts are harmless. My two sons thought they seen a ghost in our house one day. One of my boys told me they seen something in their room at night but when I went to see what was happening, I seen nothing, but shadows on the wall, as they had their bedroom light on. I do believe they seen or invisioned a spirit from another world, as feel most ghost could be from another world, and maybe it sounds like I am from another world, but I am not.

I was walking down the street one day, it was sunny outside, not a cloud in sight and I swore I heard a voice whisper softly into my ear and told me I would find money, to just keep on walking and five maybe ten minutes later, I found 35 dollars. I was able to buy food that day and then once I heard something tell me to go to the tralior my son was at, as he broke his leg, I felt it was a ghost or possibly an angel telling me all this, and so I immediatly rushed over to the trailor he was at, playing with some kids, and then to my wondering eyes, I found my son on the floor, he had broken his leg. So tell me, do you believe in a spirit world, as a spirit may of helped me many of times, and I know their are angels as well as ghosts and demons. There is so much to learn about them. Perhaps scientist believe in the super natural, for all I know...

Do you feel there is a God as well? There may be, but what proof do we have, but what only a bible teaches us. Does a god exsist, or a Goddess even? I cast spells for friends and usually ask a goddess during my spell rituals and sometimes, friends will help with my spells, as is always good to ask someone to cast a spell with you. Of course you do not have to cast spells but they are exciting to cast. I cast spells to get 4 of my books published and now have my new one published entitled, Melanie's Witchy World. It has articles and spooky tales in it. I am a true author, and my next book maybe about demons and angels, are their exsistance fabricated or real? I love to write articles and help others if they need to listen to my words or take heed to them, then I feel I have done my part. I do hope there are many folks that agree with me on some subjects and also about believing in ghosts.

I love to learn about the spirit world and feel I have seen my share of ghosts and angels. I know angels exsist for sure, and have seen an angel in real life. I know of someone that told me she seen an angel as well as God. Now, I am not sure God or a god is tangible but it could happen, as I am not saying there is not a god as I am more of a skeptic when it comes to believing there is a Christ or God, but there maybe a spirit world that controlls us, and if there is a God or Jesus, why do things occur that should not occur, and why do others get harmed and why is there hatred towards others, or racism, predjudice and why do people want to murder and fight and if there is a God, why does He or She allow these dasterdly things to occur? I feel there are many gods and goddesses- but one main God, no! This I do not believe. I do not believe there are false gods and goddesses, as the bible tells people to not serve other gods, but why not? And I also say, "To each their own." Do what you feel is right in your heart. If you wish to serve a god or goddess of your choice, then do so. If you wish to become a Buddist, or Muslim or even a Christian, then it is your so called, god-given right. No one has a right to tell you what religion or faith orientated desire you wish to become. If you want to become a priest or a rabbi, then what right has anyone have, to tell you which God or Goddess to serve or what religion or faith to become. I have friends that tell me I will have to answer to Jehovah or Jesus for this or that, cause I am some sinner that needs prayers, and that I am living in sin and that I am wrong to cast good spells, and if this is so, as they told me there is no such place as Hell or Hades or a place of damnation and torment, then what do I have to worry about? Why does anyone have to go to Hell? I feel heaven and hell is right here on earth. Just turn on the news, read the newspaper, you see real hell on TV and tabloids, and go figure, it all out, will you one day? Hell is what one makes it, in their mind, and heaven can be on earth too. I do not feel there is a true heaven for people, and I feel if there is a place called heaven, but feel it must be reserved for angles alone. Perhaps there will be this 144,000 thousand people that will rule the earth one day, but why only this many for people to enter heaven, as some people told me and why not more, as there are billions and billions of folks living right now here on earth, and whom created earth? Was it man, was it here before man even exsisted? We do not know the answer to these questions really, now do we? Scientists can come up with some answers, but are they honest and factual answers...and what about the end of days? There are birds dying by the thousands and there are fish dying, so what does all this mean, is it the end of the world or what? Do we have any solid explanations for what is happening right now, here on earth? Oh we best start praying I suppose for the world to not end, but what good will this do us, as I know one day, the earth will have to end, too much crime and voilence in this world and even hatred, and man will kill off man eventually, as people wanting to harm others, you hear of bombs in planes going off, you hear of others murdering innocent people, so tell me if you will-do you feel the earth can go on exsisting like this with hardened criminals, liars, murderes and theives? And where do they go, to hell? According to a few friends of mine, there is a place called Hell for these type of indidivuals and some people told me that we all turn to ashes and dust and then this is it! That, we as people whom sin- do not go to heaven, that later on Our Creator they told me, will ensure we all live on earth again, even the foul and bad ones, and if this be the case- then why worry about a place called hell, and if there is one, do you feel you will go to such a horrible and wretched place, or enter the pearly gates of Heaven. I have died once and did not feel I entered hell, I felt at ease, but I came back to life. The doctors pronounced me dead after a horrible car accident but some spirit kept me alive, to be able to raise my two sons. Even one of my boys told me they had a feeling that I was hurt. He was 9 at the time or 10, and told me he could hear me saying, "Take care of my sons!" This is ironic he knew what I said but my sons have a kindred kinship with me. Well..I hope my article was enlighteneing and be sure to read this to a friend or friends and see what you think she or he will tell you, if there are really spirits or a heaven or hell...and you have the right to feel the way you wish too, dress how you like, worship whomever you wish too, believe in a God or Goddess or not-find your own religion and serve whomever you wish to. I am not here to tell you whom to serve, or make you worship a god or goddess of my choice, it it entirely up to you.

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