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Witchcraft Spells

Melanie Miller
20 March 2011 | Spirituality & Religion

Here are some free witch craft spells and hope you enjoy reading them and or casting them all or even some of them.

Lovers Spell: Write on parchment paper( or if you do not have this, then use white no lined paper) and write down the one you wish to woo and love you. Take a bottle of wine and pour forth onto the ground and as well, into your silver or whatever kind of chalice you prefer to use, and drink some of the wine. You must be 21 and over to buy alcohol so ask a parent that maybe a witch or into wiccan religion before engaging in a drink or sip of wine. You can also carve your intitals and the one you love onto a pink, peach or red candle. Red symbols love and pink symbols lust and love, either one is fine to use. If you do not have these colored candles, a white one will do nicely, just be sure you carve his/her initials or full name, if you know his or her full and middle and last name onto the candle you have selected. Always thank the deity after any and all spell(s) have been cast.

Here is another love spell, for lovers to stay together and not stray. You can buy effigy candles, that represent the person you desire, in red or pink preferrably, and then light your candles. Do use two candles, one to represent yourself and the one you wish to love you or fall in love with you and' Stay in love' with you, as this spells works both ways. Do have your pen ready and write his or her name on it, and yours too. Now..bury it ( the parchment paper) by an old tree as old trees have much wisdom and knowledge and then leave it be. Do not even tread on this particular area again. You can repeat this spell over and over again, until you feel it is right in your heart for you, and that he or she will come to you.

Know about full moons, full moons, are an excellent time to cast magick spells and the hrs. of midnight to 2 a.m. are the bewitching hrs. and are the best time to cast any and all spells whether they be black magick, or voodoo spells, or wiccan and pagan or grey magick(which is in betweeen dark and white magick). Have fun casting all your spells, and you may prefer or wish to cast spells with loved ones or family members or even a friend or two. Remember, the more people that cast the spell or spells, will insure that your magick will work for you!

I have been practicing witchcraft for a long time and I used to be in coven of white witches. I enjoyed attending their meetings but one day, they decided that it would be best to not have me or my uncle invited as they thought we wore santanic witches and WE are not!

Well, I am more of the solitaire witch myself anyways.

Here is a get rich spell or money spell: Take a green pillar or gold pillar or thick green or gold or even silver candle if you have them or one, out of your desk, or drawer or buy one and you can go to consignment stores and purchase them for pennies. So carve your name, your complete name and date of birth(D.O.B.) onto the candle and ask the deity of your choice and you may say something such as this, for e.g. "Isis, please send money my way and stay dear to my heart and home, always watch over me I pray." You may make up anything you wish too.

Also here is another money spells, you may take coins, silver or gold coins and put into a glass jar or anything will do as long as it is glass, and put on an altar or make an altar with figurines and you can use fairy statues and or figurines and place the coins that are now in the glass at the altar and ask a deity such as Aphrodite or Isis or Thor even for material wealth and good health as well. After you allow your candle or candles to burn for some time, then blow them out. Always put your candles out after each and every spell.

Here is one more spell, and it is a healing spell. The person(s) that are ill, you tell them to lay down on a matt or rug and then you use blue and lavender candles, or white if blue and lavender ones you do not have. Then you carve the person or persons name into the candles and lite them well. You may recite a spell you heard of or say something like on this order. "Lord and Lady alike, please heal my friend, name you will say next, or names and please come to their need to be healed." Allow the candles to burn for 15 mintues, and then take all the candles and place in a box and put under the ill persons' bed and light this procedure again for 11 straight days. If you need more candles, do buy them or order them off the net. There are many companies that sale candles and witches ingredients. You can also use a parchment paper and write the ill or sick friends name down and bury it outside, in the woods or near water even.

Well..I hope some of my spells helps you or a friend(s) out and do remember, whatever you cast, even if it is for bad luck, can and will find its' way to your front door, and you want to insure a person(s) has wronged you before casting wicked witch spells. I prefer to cast Wiccan Magick myself as I personally feel it is the best magick to cast. Just enjoy casting your magick and decide what god or goddess you wish to chose from to thank, and always thank this god or goddesses after you cast those spells!

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