Tue, 15 Mar 2011 Religion & Spirituality

Magick Spells Can Be Fun to Cast!

By Melanie Miller

I am a Wiccan witch and go by the Wiccan Crede. I believe it is safe to cast lovers spells, money spells and what have you, s long as it is not harming another person. I have been casting spells all my life, so it seems, since I was fourteen years and now in my early 40s': I have learned to appreciate casting magick spells even more.

I believe in many gods and goddesses and all my magick spells have come true for myself and others. I cast a spell for all my poems to become published ans within a month tops, they wore published. I know magick works splendidly for myself as well as my family and friends. Many people write me asking for a spell and I usually cast spells for free and all that is required is a witch book sent to me, if they wish to do so, as payment. Yes, magick can be so much fun!

I enjoy casting spells during the daytime as well as the night time. You may wish to cast some of your own magick as well. Here are some free spells of mine you may wish to try!

Get a white candle for protection, carve your name into it or your friends, or family member. Now..light it and ask any deity for protection. You may wish to thank the deity of your choice. Now listen to some witchy music or any kind you feel comfortable with. After the candle is spent, you may wish to bury it by a river, water of any kind such as by a lake and or ocean and then you may wish to kiss the ground and thank the god or goddess of your choice. Here is lovers spell.

Get a red candle: carve his or her name into it, even if this is a gay spell, will work just as well. Ask the goddess Aphrodite during this spell to be blessed. You may place the wax in a shoe box and leave under your bed.

This is it. You may cast spells you made up all your own and if I wore you, I would invest in a nice Book of Shadows and write all your own spells which you creat in you mind. I have many of my own spells as am not into anything but wiccan spells for good not black magick spells at all, of any sort or kind thereof. I only cast the good luck spells and other Wiccan spells for friends. Some friends of mind, send a gift or magick spell book as token of their appreciation for the spells that came true for them. I do not require money sent to me. If you ever need spells cast for you, you can see if you can find free spells on the net, or simply purchase witch books at a book store nearby or even obtain one or more at a near by library that is free of charge.

There is a witch in every one of us and we can all cast them any time or night we wish too. Well, I hope my article was of some help to you, and remember, if you meet a goddess such as I have seen Aphrodite, in my home and she asked me to serve her, then by all means bow down to this goddess or any god or goddess of your choice, that you asked during your spell craft. Have fun and do cast some spells for yourself as well as others. What comes around goes around so be most careful if you wish to cast luck spells for others, and make sure it is a good spell not for wicked intentions, cause what you cast may come back on you three fold, as it may come back to haunt you in nightmares and reality. Casting bad spells, as you will find out, can all bounce right back on you.

Enjoy casting good spells and do buy some books that will show you spells you can cast or ask a witchy friend to help assist you during your magick spells. Have laods of fun casting magick you know will be beneficial for yourself as well as for others.

The end and blessed be...