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Becoming a Witch and Learning Magick!

By Melanie Miller
Becoming a Witch and Learning Magick!

One does not have to know magick to become a witch or even be initiated into a coven or secret coven to become a witch whether it be a wiccan or even a pagan witch. I used to own and operate six wiccan sites and offered free spells to other individuals. I know that I have been practicing witchcraft at the tender age of 14. Although I was baptised and my grandmother wanted this for me, still...I took the Wiccan Crede, and ''harm ye none'' and live by this golden rules. I do not like to cast black magick on other people, even the past, I have to those I thought or felt wore deserving of it. I know of folks that stole jewels and a good sum of money from me, but still..I do not wish anything bad to befall them, or bad luck of any kind. I wish them well and hope that one day, they will come forth and admit to me they stole from me. I can only guess whom did these dasterdly deeds to me.

All and all, becoming a wiccan witch or even a pagan witch, to back track here for a moment, does not require a lot of effort, you may worship gods or goddesses during all your ritual magic. If you prefer to not worship a deity, then this is entirely up to the individual. I much more prefer to worship Isis and Aphrodite, as they both are kind and good Goddesses or so I feel they are.

I met Aphrodite once in my living quarters and asked for the man I desired and she brought him to me. I requested that he love me alone..and to this very date, he loveth only one woman, and that woman is I.

I love casting spells and help others with their magick as well. I will always cast my spells, for the good and love to cast protection and money spells the most. I won 100 dollars recently after casting my money spell and may cast more money spells soon, for myself.

I cast a spell for my uncle to find money and the other day, he found a 20 dollar bill. Now...I know this is not much but he is rich anyways, and is not in need of lots of money so the Gods or Goddesses only allowed him what they thought was appropriate.

You too can cast easy money spells. All you need is some green or gold or silver candles and light them at night between the bewitching hours of 12 midnight and 2 a.m. when the magick will work at its' strongest. You may write on parchment paper and you can order this paper on the net or find at a witch craft store, and write your full name, circle it three times and drawl a pentacle right side up too, and place by the lit candle and ask the deity of your choice, if you wish too this is to say.

Now allow your candle to burn for a while, about 15 to 20 minutes and extinguish it after you are done casting your money spell...and always be thankful to the God or Goddess you may of selected...during your bit of magick.

You can also cast lover spells. Here is one to try, you can get two candles in red or pink to represent you and the one you wish would woo you. You light them anytime, and be sure first to carve the intended one and your name into the other one, do allow to burn for a long period and picture or invision the love of your life, to come to you, use visualization here, as visualizing will help make the spell work stronger and better. You also may ask a fellow wiccan witch or witch to assist you in all your magick spells, if you so desire. I do my spells alone, and always thank the deity of my choice but cast your magic as you see fit. If you wish to cast a protection spell-then use white candles and carve his or her name into it, and may recite something like this, "Oh Lordess, Goddess of the earth, please watch over my dear friend'', add the name, and then thank the deity of your selection. You may thank her or him, the God or Goddess and pour forth wine onto the awaiting ground by a river or lake or outside your home, or by a near by tree by your home. Since the Gods and or Goddesses love wine, you may honor them and pay homage to the Gods and Goddesses by doing so.

Now..if you are seeking a new career, and need a spell cast for you, you may pay someone to cast a spell for yourself or simply save money and cast this spell at home. Buy or order a mojo pouch or make one yourself as I do, and have in the past, and place your name on parchment paper and place inside the lucky mojo pouch with berries and witches burr and other magickal ingredients you see fit and feel will add power to your magick, and carry with you, in your car as well, and before you request a money spell, you should rub the mojo pouch as well, this will work for money spells too, and also healing spells, as well. You may want to light a blue or lavender candle for all healing spells as well and ask a deity to help heal you or a friend or loved one, and the healing spell may be cast anytime of the day or night.

Halloween is especially a good time to cast all magickal spells, and midnight is the perfect time to cast them, and if you prefer to cast all spells only on All Hallowee's Eve then this is acceptable as well. Many white or dark witches prefer to wait til Halloween to cast any and all magickal spells for themselves and others.

All and all, just have loads of fun casting your magick spells and you can always ask a friend to help cast the spell or spells with you as said. Just remember whatever you cast, should be for good intentions and note, all magick may work for you, and whatever you ask for you just might get it.

Blessed Be...