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Dieting Tips!

By Melanie Miller
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It is essential we all fast on occassions, as it helps lower cholestrol levels in the body, and dieting is important to do for the self and soul. Kombucha tea is good for lowering cholestrol levels in the body.

You can even ask a dr. for dieting tips and a nutrictionist for a diet plan. You can join a program that you seen on television and go from there. I fast at times and feel much better by doing so.

I been fasting for many yrs. now, and I drink plenty of water, as water is essential for the body, to get rid of toxics in the body, and cleans the kidneys as well. You need purified water, at least 3 to 4 bottles of it per day...or boil your tap water( if you can not afford bottled water) and put into an old milk jug and leave in the frig to get cold. Your body will be grateful to you for cleaning the body and soul with water that is purified.

I used to boil my sons water and feed them healthy meals, and never any sweets but rarely. Your body does not need eight to ten donuts per day, this is hard on your system as well and may cause diabetes to form or happen. You can eat fiber as will help your body as well. Get cereals and eat for breakfast or snack on them during the day. You can find plenty of fruits at your nearby supermarket or store and chow down on them. I usually buy celery and put peanut butter on it for a snack as celery has no cholestrol and it is non fattening and I buy crackers as well and apples too and use peanut butter on both of them. Apples are good for you, and remember the old saying, "An apple a day, keep the doctor away!" It just maybe truth to this, in what they say. You do not need tons of sugar in your body, it will make you get high blood pressure as well, and too much caffiene is harmful to consume as well.

You need to get on a good regimin diet and take good care of your body, as it is the only one you have...there is no other body to replace the one you have, and if you are a heavy drinker or smoker, stop right now- as neither of these habbits is good nor essential for the body to have. You can kick this terrible habbit or habbits and drugs are not the way to go, unless they are prescribed by a physician or a doctor, so do note that drugs can and do and will harm the body and play havoc on your mind and soul. All and all, I hope this article helps you a lot, and that you do get on a good diet that will help you and make you feel active and alive.

Some folks feel they do not need a diet but we all need to watch what we consume, and if you can not go on a diet alone, go on a diet with a family member or a friend. Good luck on your diet folks and do be glad that you feel healthier after being on an old or new diet.

Take care of your body, and it shall take good care of you!

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