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Keep dust from building up in your house

Use electrostatic cloth when dustingUse electrostatic cloth when dusting
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Unfortunately, dust is unavoidable. It's made up of skin cells, fabric bits, dust mites, and even decomposing bug parts. Not only is it nasty, but it can also trigger allergies.

Although dust is inevitable, there are some things you can do to keep it from building up. Make these simple steps part of your cleaning routine to create a healthier home for your family:

Step 1: Nab the dust
Consistently dust using a microfiber or electrostatic cloth, which will attract dust like a magnet. Opt for microfiber dusters with extendable handles to reach for dust in hard-to-reach spots like the blinds or ceiling fans. Also, use a microfiber dust mop on wood floors daily or weekly to keep dust from building up. Opt for a damp mop on tile floors.

Step 2: Vacuum often
Now that you've nabbed any visible dust, pick up stray dust bunnies and keep dust from building up with the help of your vacuum. Be sure to vacuum carpeted floors, upholstered furniture, and even draperies several times a month. Even though you can't see the dust on these items, it's definitely there. Remember to empty the vacuum canister and change the bag regularly.

Step 3: Clean regularly
Combat dusty countertops and appliances by wiping them down several times each week. Also, spray dust repelling cleaner on wood surfaces to help keep dust from building up.

Step 4: Simplify and clear clutter
The more stuff you have, the more dust you'll have. Keep dust from building up by donating any unused furniture or toys to a local church or charity. Protect prized artwork, shoes, and purses by storing them in plastic bins or under glass. Also, zip up off-season clothing in hanging bags to limit shedding.

Step 5: Consistently change air filters
Dust filled filters simply aren't as effective as clean ones. Stop dust from building up by changing the air filters in your heat and air conditioning system monthly.

Step 6: Invest in throw rugs
Prevent dust from building up by placing throw rugs near entryways. They'll capture most of the dirt entering your home from outside and from your shoes.

Step 7: Eliminate carpet
Carpet may be soft and cuddly, but it isn't the best tool when it comes to preventing dust from building up. If you choose carpet, select a shorter pile. It's much easier to keep dust under control when dealing with wood, acrylic, and plastic surfaces.

Step 8: Check your caulking
If you're devoutly cleaning your house daily only to be left with piles of dust, it's time to keep dust under control by checking your caulking. This will ensure you're not allowing dust in from the garage or from outdoors.

Tell us: How often do you dust your home? Share your response in the comments section below!

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