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Should women wear high heels during pregnancy?

Should women wear high heels during pregnancy?
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Footwear are the most coveted accessories for women. They are more of a beauty appeal than comfort to women. And high heeled footwear, needless to ask, are something that you will compulsorily find in every woman's shoe closet. It is apparent that women love wearing high heels as these trendy footwear add poise to the calf muscles of leg and add a sexual appeal to their gait.

But can women contain the same desire for high heels when they are pregnant? Is it safe wearing high heels during pregnancy? That's an easy question with a tough take. Let's find an answer!

High heels induced problems in Pregnancy
Pregnancy is the most vulnerable and emotive phase in a woman's life. It is not her alone she needs to take care of, but also of the little life that is blooming inside her. Her movements are not restricted enough but closely guarded. But for women who have been severely addicted to fashion paranoia, is it feasible to convince them that wearing high heels when pregnant is not a good idea after all? Sure, if the reasons are persuasive enough! So let's go through some problems that can arise for women who wear high heels during pregnancy.

Back pain during pregnancy is one of the major problems experienced by pregnant women. First of all, when you use high heeled footwear, the entire weight of the body starts to weigh down on the heels. Hence the primary first risk factor that comes into play is loss of balance. Secondly, wearing heels over a prolonged period of time can add more strain on ankles and legs, causing severe muscle ache. Many a time, high heels can also cause sprains, if the person is not quite habituated to walking in high heeled footwear. Besides, wearing high heeled foot wear paves way for the unwelcome growth of tissue on foot, known as bunions.

Apart from all stated, back pain and heel pain can occur due to prolonged use of such footwear. These were the cons of wearing high heeled footwear for any woman, immaterial of whether she is pregnant or not. But as far as care of pregnant women is concerned, high heels is a big NO NO. Let's go through the painful conditions a woman can face by wearing high heels during pregnancy:

• Severe Back ache: Wearing high heels always disrupts the equilibrium of the body. The posture of a person standing on the ground with the toe and heel aligned along the same line is the most normal posture. However, when a pregnant lady wears heels, the center of gravity of the body deviates and the excess weight is pushed towards the spinal cord. Now as such, a pregnant lady is not only bearing her own weight but also the weight of the child. So the muscles and ligaments within her body stretch enough to accommodate the growing fetus, leading to backache in early pregnancy. In such circumstances, wearing high heels can result in severe back pain during early pregnancy.

• Lower Back Pain: This is the most probable case in pregnant women who are used to wearing high heels. The lower back easily succumbs to extreme weight shifting during pregnancy. Wearing high heels will aggravate the condition of lower back pain during pregnancy, causing excruciating pain to the woman. An upper leg pain during pregnancy is an added discomfort in lower back pain.

• Sciatic Nerve Pain: Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy is a traumatic experience. Wearing high heels at this time can actually worsen the condition. Sciatic nerve is a long nerve that starts from the lower back through the back of legs, down to the feet. Wearing high heels during pregnancy can cause undue pressure on this nerve. This sciatica can lead to severe complications in pregnancy, not ruling out damage to disc in spine. Symptoms like pins and needles feeling in legs, burning sensation in lower back and buttocks and numbness in leg are felt during sciatica. Besides, wearing high heels can also result in additional pain like swollen ankles during pregnancy.

So for all the pregnant ladies out there, now you are aware of the implications of wearing high heels during pregnancy. So better restrict your desires until the beautiful life is born. You may switch to comfortable high heels, a few months post delivery. And that is, only if you are a habitual high heel footwear user!

Uncontrolled desire to wear high heels when pregnant can cause middle right back pain and lower back pain in early pregnancy. So the take on this question - "Is it safe wearing high heels during pregnancy?" - is absolutely clear through this article. Wear flat and comfortable footwear and protect your feet well. Keep yourself engaged in pregnancy exercises during this assailable time to maintain your stamina and relieve yourself off the pregnancy back pain. So take care and good luck!!

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