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Get the perfect red lip

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Red lips are as much of a classic as the little black dress. Getting the perfect red lips consists of a lot more than just slicking on red lipstick and smacking your lips together, there is an exact formula. To get the perfect red lips you will have to be very precise in every step you take and every movement you make. Read on to find out exactly how to achieve the look of the perfect red lip.

Apply the lip conditioner and let it soak in, then wipe it off after about a minute. You don't want your lips to be slick or slippery, the lip conditioner is just to make sure that your lips are soft and that any cracks are no longer visible.

Line your lips with lip liner to avoid any spillage of color onto your skin. Carefully line your lips, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Be very gentle when lining the cupids bow because that is the curviest part of your lips, it takes a steady hand to do it correctly.

Fill your lips in with the same lip liner you used to line your lips. This will make your color last longer and give you a truer more vibrant shade of red.

Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. Start at the bottom lip and work your way towards the top lip, use small and gentle strokes because if you make a mistake its extremely difficult to remove red lipstick off of your skin.

Apply red lip gloss. Only smear the lip gloss in the center of your bottom and top lips. This will make your lips look larger and plumper, and of course, the red color is to make the red on your lips last as long as possible.

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