22.10.2010 Social Issues

My Boss Won't Leave Me Alone

By Desperate woman, Accra - Daily Graphic
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I used to date my boss but broke up with him after a year because I wanted to settle down. He was married. Although I'm now married, he refuses to see me as such.

He makes unnecessary demands like working late and accompanying him on business trips which are not part of my job.

Now my husband is suspecting that he is more than a boss. I've not told my husband that I used to date him because I didn't think it was necessary.

Should I come clean or quit the job?

Desperate woman, Accra

Dear desperate woman,
Why do you want to kill your hubby before his time? He is already suspicious why make it worse for him?

He is better off not knowing so I beg shut up and keep your secret to yourself.

If working late and going on business trips with your boss are not part of your job description then you are not obliged to do them.

However, remember he is your boss so be tactful when turning down his requests.

Depending on the policies at your workplace, you can seek redress from the approriate quaters and this might put a stop to his demands.

However if you think it is too much to bear, you can always quit and look for another job and have some peace of mind. All the best

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