God knows you better than any person on earth

Religion & Spirituality God knows you better than any person on earth

I. MY BELOVED SISTER AND MY DEAR BROTHER, I have good news for you. The OMNIPOTENT GOD says that before He formed you in the womb, He knew you. Be assured that God knows you better than any person on earth. God knows you more than you know yourself. He crafted you in the womb and, in due season, brought you out with a mandate. Don't allow men and circumstances to divert you from that divine mandate. Get back on that divine mission, for you cannot run away forever. JEHOVAH says that before you were born, He sanctified you. Don't allow the world to pollute you. GOD SET YOU APART AND ORDAINED YOU TO BE A PROPHET TO THE NATIONS FROM WHICH YOU CAN NO LONGER RUN.

II. DAUGHTER OF ZION, and behold, even your relative Elizabeth has also conceived a son in her old age. Is there anything difficult for the Lord to do? What is there that the Lord cannot do? Look up to God, for what seems impossible to man is what He turns around for His glory. Dear sister, fear not, for even old Lady Elizabeth got pregnant against all medical understanding. What is your burden? Men and women used her as a point of reference: can anything good come out of her? She was mocked by many. When will she also get pregnant? God will turn things around for you. DON'T DISQUALIFY YOURSELF FROM THE RACE OF LIFE; LET GOD SPEAK.

III. SON OF MAN, REJOICE O My soul and all that is within me shall rejoice, for if Elizabeth, who was called BARREN was able to conceive in her old age when all human hope was lost, then, praise be to God, I shall overcome my mountain. Men forgot her name and always referred to her as the BARREN Woman. Today I PROPHETICALLY declare unto you that God has removed that negative name tag on you. REJECT ANY UNGODLY NAMES; DON'T RESPOND TO ANY UNGODLY SALUTATIONS.

IV. BRETHREN IN CHRIST: This is the confidence that we have before Him, that as sons and daughters, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us and will answer. We must not allow the world to push us away from the table of noble men and women. Let's not focus on the name-calling; let's focus on the main race that is set for us from above, and we shall be victorious. God has deleted that wrongful designation; that is not your title. JEHOVAH has removed that shameful signboard from your doorpost. You will conceive of ideas that will bring you prosperity. You shall not labour in vain. Forget about whatever name they gave you; that is not God's name. This is the DIVINE WORD FOR REVIVAL sent forth through the Authority and power of Christ Jesus and served to the brethren through God's vessel, Francis Ameyibor. Yes! And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

V. 2024 MY DIVINE YEAR TO WALK IN THE CONFIDENCE OF GOD - God shall turn every negative thing working against me around in my favour.

PRAYER: LORD, unto thee do I surrender; let me not be ashamed least my enemies triumph over me. Let my enemies not mock thy name, but let them see your mighty works through me.

REF: Luke 1:36
Jeremiah 1:5
I John 5:14
Matthew 21:22
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