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And Moses Sat On The Stone

And Moses Sat On The Stone

I. DAUGHTER OF ZION, grace be unto you, what are you sitting on? Your money? Your husband? Your wife? Your family names? Your job? Your parents? Your church? Your Pastor? What is the source of your strength? When you are tired, where and what do you rest on? But Moses' hands were heavy, and they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, one on the one side and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. This year, learn how to sit on a stone. May Christ be that SOLID ROCK for us to sit on. And may we recognize that all other grounds are sinking sand? So, Moses sat on that SOLID ROCK for stability and strength. Moses sat on a solid rock to renew his faith. THEY ACKNOWLEDGED THE NEED FOR THE SOLID ROCK. THIS QUARTER, LET US GO BACK TO THE SOLID ROCK.

II. SON OF MAN Moses sitting on a stone, exhausted and unable to continue his duties, shows the human nature in us; no matter our spiritual powers, we are still human. This moment offers valuable insights into spiritual and physical exhaustion. It brings out the importance of support in our spiritual and physical journeys. Moses, the leader of the Israelites, had been holding up his hands in prayer and guidance for hours, but eventually, his physical strength failed him. His hands grew heavy, and he needed assistance to continue. How long have you been holding on for the family, the company, the church, and friends? You now need Aaron and Hur. You need companions; you need people to aid, provide support, and hold up your hands. Moses' exhaustion serves as a reminder that even the most spiritual and dedicated among us can become drained and overwhelmed. Spiritual exhaustion can manifest in various ways, such as feeling burnt out, disconnected from God, or unable to pray or worship.

III. PRECIOUS SISTER, the stone under Moses represents a place of rest and support, reminding us that we don't have to face spiritual exhaustion alone, we need Aaron and Hur's assistance. Just like Moses, we can become spiritually exhausted, but it's in these moments that we must seek support and rest. May we learn to acknowledge our limitations, lean on others for support, and find rest in God's presence. When you sit on that SOLID ROCK, the rains of life will fall heavily, and the floods will come at you, and the winds will blow, and hit you, but you will not fail or fall because that SOLID ROCK is your foundation. What is the foundation of your business? Your marriage? Your ministry? Your relationship? What is the foundation and the source of your authority? THIS YEAR ANYONE ENTHRONED ON THAT STONE WILL WITHSTAND THE STORMS OF LIFE, FOR WE MUST SIT ON THAT SOLID ROCK WHICH IS CHRIST JESUS.

IV. PRECIOUS BROTHER, you must know where to build, and the foundation to stand on. What or who is your backbone? You need a SOLID ROCK to sit on this year. You need a solid foundation. You need support, you cannot carry it alone. THE STORMS OF LIFE WILL TELL IF YOUR FOUNDATION IS THAT SOLID ROCK. This is a DIVINE KINGDOM-FOCUSED PROPHETIC WORDS sent forth through the authority and power of Christ Jesus and serve to the brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! Any power not enthroned on that SOLID ROCK, shall be dethroned this year

V. 2024 MY YEAR TO ENCOUNTER DIVINE POWER TO MOVE ON - We must acknowledge that SOLID ROCK and sit on it at all times.

PRAYER: LORD, on thee do I put my trust in, let me not be ashamed; at least my enemies triumph over me. Least my enemies will ask where is the SOLID ROCK in whom I trusted. LORD, for thy name's sake, and the TESTIMONY of the SOLID ROCK do it once again. Give me memorable testimonies through Christ Jesus' name, I pray AMEN

REF: Exodus 17:12
Matthew 7:25-27
Genesis 28:11-16
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