No weapon forged against us will prevail

Religion & Spirituality No weapon forged against us will prevail

I. SON OF MAN, standing on the promises of God, I declare unto you that henceforth "no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me." Today, let us join our hands and hearts together and declare God's protection over our lives. In a world where evil seeks to destroy, we must stand firmly on God's promise that any divination against us will not prosper. Today, as a servant of the Most High God, I assure you that, as a child of God, our Father’s protection is our heritage. No weapon forged against us will prevail while we stay under the protection of God. Stay under the covering of God at all times.

II. Daughter of Zion, remember that our Heavenly Father has given us the power to refute every accusation and tongue that rises against us. God is our vindication and our righteousness, not men. Man’s vindication is baseless, temporary, and conditional, but God’s vindication is permanent, unconditional, and final. Let us stand firm on God's promise and declare His protection over our lives. Any divination against us will not prosper, for we are children of the living God. Let us stand firm in the faith, for we cannot be cursed; we have been immunized against a curse through the BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD. How can anyone curse whom God hath not cursed? It is not possible for any child in the Kingdom of God to be cursed. God, through his blood, has redeemed us from the curses of men.

III. My beloved sisters and brothers in the Lord, God shall control the tongues of men in our favour. When they open their mouths to speak evil against us, God shall release positive pronouncements through that tongue. And Balaam said unto Balak: HOW SHALL I CURSE, WHOM GOD HATH NOT CURSED? OR HOW SHALL I DEFY WHO THE LORD HATH NOT DEFIED? Brother, we have a heritage in the Lord, established through the CALVARY COVENANT. Declare it, confess it, and proclaim it; as a child of God, I cannot be cursed. And Balak said unto Balaam, What hast thou done unto me? I TOOK THEE TO CURSE MINE ENEMIES, AND, BEHOLD, THOU HAST BLESSED THEM ALTOGETHER.

IV. Precious brethren in the Lord, they shall attempt to curse us, but they will not succeed. They will try to put fear into us, but be thou courageous, for God is with us. For those that are with us are more than those with them. Child of God, never give up because of the enchantment of Balaks; present your case before JEHOVAH, and the God who answers by fire will speak on your behalf. Don't give up your faith because you see a Balak with men and women of power plotting evil against you. God is not a man, that he should lie; neither is the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? This is a DIVINE PROPHETIC DECLARATION sent forth through the Authority and Power of Christ Jesus and serve to the Brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! Surely there is no enchantment against me, neither is there any divination against me that shall prosper.

V. 2024 MY YEAR TO EXPERIENCE GOD’S SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE - And Balak said unto Balaam, neither curse them at all nor bless them at all.

PRAYER: Lord, we come before you today, seeking your protection and guidance. We know that in a world filled with darkness and evil, many seek to harm us through divination and wicked schemes. But we declare your promise over our lives; any divination against us will not prosper. We stand firm on your word, knowing that no weapon forged against us will prevail.

Lord, we refute every accusation and tongue that rises against us. We declare your vindication and righteousness over our lives. Lord, we pray for your mighty hand to shield us from all harm and evil. May your grace and mercy guide us, and may we always find refuge in you. Through Jesus Christ’s mighty name, we pray, Amen!

REF: Isaiah 54:17
Numbers 23:1-30
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