Enriching Educational Venture: Modish Royal Montessori Explores Cape Coast for Ghana Month Celebration

By Prince Ayerakwa II Contributor
People & Places Enriching Educational Venture: Modish Royal Montessori Explores Cape Coast for Ghana Month Celebration
MAR 30, 2024 LISTEN

In an enriching educational venture, Modish Royal Montessori, a distinguished private school located in Samreboi in the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region, embarked on a captivating tour to Cape Coast as part of the culmination of the Ghana Month celebrations. This educational expedition, spanning from Tuesday, March 26 to Wednesday, March 27, 2024, offered students a firsthand experience of historical landmarks, cultural insights, and natural wonders across Cape Coast and its environs.

Journey Commencement and Arrival:
The journey commenced on a memorable note as the bus departed Samreboi on Tuesday night around 11 PM, arriving at Cape Coast by 7:30 AM the following morning. The early hours of Wednesday marked the commencement of a day filled with exploration and discovery.

Historical Exploration and Emotional Encounters:

Students kick-started their day with a hearty breakfast at 8 AM before delving into the historical tapestry of Cape Coast. Their first stop, the Cape Coast Castle, evoked a mix of emotions among the learners as they reflected on the harsh realities and treatment endured by their forefathers during the colonial era.

Thrills at Kakum National Park:
Following the solemn visit to Cape Coast Castle, the tour proceeded to the exhilarating Kakum National Park renowned for its iconic Canopy Walkway. Students relished the adrenaline rush of walking amidst the treetops, embracing the natural beauty and exhilaration of the park. A well-deserved lunch break at Kakum Playground offered a moment of relaxation and camaraderie among the students.

Adventure at Hans Cottage:
The tour continued with a visit to Hans Cottage, known for its unique crocodile habitat and tranquil boating experiences. Students immersed themselves in the serenity of the environment, engaging with nature and cultural experiences that enhanced their understanding of Ghana's diverse offerings.

Shopping Excursion at Takoradi Mall:
The day concluded with a delightful shopping escapade at Takoradi Mall, where students revelled in exploring the aisles, selecting desired items, and engaging in playful interactions with fellow classmates. The experience provided an opportunity for social bonding and leisure in a vibrant mall setting.

Educational Objective and Reflection:
Mr. Justice Eshun, the Director of Modish Royal Montessori, emphasized the educational value of the tour, aiming to expose students to new environments, foster a connection with nature, and conquer fears, such as acrophobia.

Mrs. Gloria Asmah Eshun, the Proprietress of Modish Royal Montessori, emphasized that the historic excursion for the students aimed to provide their learners with hands-on learning experiences and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. "This immersive experience will not only spark their curiosity but also instil in them a sense of pride and appreciation for their heritage," she added.

The learners were encouraged to reflect on the theme of "Imagine Ghana: Discover the Unknown," aligning their experiences with the broader celebration of Ghana's heritage and potential.

Return Journey and Enriching Experiences:

As the excursion drew to a close, Modish Royal Montessori departed Takoradi around 9 PM on Wednesday night, arriving back at Samreboi in the early hours of Thursday at 3:45 AM. The students returned not only with newfound knowledge of historical landmarks but also with personal growth, exposure to diverse environments, and lasting memories that enriched their educational journey.

The educational tour to Cape Coast organized by Modish Royal Montessori encapsulated a blend of historical exploration, natural adventure, cultural immersion, and personal growth—an experience that transcended classroom learning and provided students with a holistic understanding of Ghana's heritage and diverse offerings.