God loves you unconditionally so draw nearer to him

Religion & Spirituality God loves you unconditionally so draw nearer to him
FEB 8, 2024 LISTEN

I. DAUGHTER OF ZION, maybe you seem to be sinking deep, drifting far from the peaceful shore, or you are carrying along in your heart the deep scars of love. But, sister, today, through the power of Christ Jesus, I recommend that you connect to that love of God, and it will heal your wounded soul. God loves you unconditionally, so draw nearer to him. Today, the Master of the Sea has heard your despairing cry, and the Lord has seen your dissatisfaction because men and women took advantage of your love. God has seen that the men and women you so loved have disappointed you. The Lord knows that you are confused about what that love of God is about. Simply connect to that love of God today, and through its power, you will be lifted out of that storm. GOD'S LOVE IS WONDERFUL; DO NOT DENY YOURSELF THAT LOVE.

II. SON OF MAN, even if you are at the gate where you are convinced that nothing else could help. You are walking within and with the crowd, but still, you are lonely. You need to connect today to that love of God. That love of God will lift you. That love of God, which is so mighty and so true, is available for you. Brother, I tell you that no matter your stage, God has taken the first step by extending his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God has created the opportunity for you to connect to that love, which will give you the peace you have been crying for. That love of God will change everything for the better, and it will connect you to genuine peace.

III. DEARLY BELOVED IN CHRIST JESUS, this month I recommend that you connect to the love of God. I suggest you seek the love of God. All that you need at this point is the love of God. You are feeling lonely, depressed, rejected, and dejected, but the love of God is all that you need, and you will experience peace of heart. Men have forsaken you, but the Lord has not so sought for that LOVE OF GOD. Men's love is temporal and often conditional, whereas GOD'S love is unconditional and permanent.

IV. PRECIOUS FRIEND greater love hath no man than the love of God. Seek for that one thing, the love of God, today, and you will experience a transformation. Heavenly sunshine radiates through that love of God, and it will lead you to share that love abroad. That light will lead you to find and see the true love of God in man, not as the world gives. This is a DIVINE POWER OF LOVE sent forth through the authority and power of Christ Jesus and to serve the brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! Let God be the centre of your Valentine’s Day celebration. I assure you that, truly, God loves you.

V. 2024 MY YEAR TO ENCOUNTER DIVINE SALVATION - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

PRAYER: May you encounter that Love of God this Valentine’s Day. May you be connected to men and women who will radiate that Love of God and may you give back that Love of God through Jesus Christ’s name Amen!

REF: Romans 5:8
John 15:13
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Howard E. Smith / James Rowe
Love Lifted Me lyrics © New Spring Publishing, Inc.

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