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Love Thy Neighbor and Thyself

By Melanie Miller
Love Thy Neighbor and Thyself
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First off, I want to tell you to love yourself as well as others. Do not feel hatred in one's heart for another, be forgiving as well, as in order to be forgiven, one must be forgiving.

Everyone does something wrong, in their life time and if you feel you are better then others, think again. I myself, not feel that I am any better then anyone else. I do not harm others nor animals for this matter. As no one should harm anyone or an animal they may own as well. I love all humans no matter what they said or done to me. I even still love my abuser that abused me but not in love with him anymore. He is remarried again and I wish him all the luck in the world. I love all people as said, even those that stole money from me. Seems like there are many folks that have wronged me in my past, but I try hard not to sit idly back and ponder on all the cruel things men and woman have said or done to me. I do not know what I ever done to make anyone so upset with me. I do not use anyone and have given money and clothing to charities and wrote my own novel in my spare time, that will be published soon, and some poems I wrote in my spare time as well, on religion which maybe published soon. I write songs and will have a few songs published as well soon.

I do something with my spare time, which I have and will sew doll dresses for little girls and hand out at Christmas time, on dolls. I love to do anything that is normal and healthy. I make crafts as well, and hand them out to older folks. I also put money into the colletion plate as church but all this does not mean I am a good woman. I just want to be kind to others. I even order wigs and take to hospitals and give to patients that need a wig to wear. I maybe handing out some more wigs, later on. All I can say is I love everyone, African-American, Japenese, or any other nationality. I myself am German-Irish and know of some people that are German-Irish as well. My husband is mainly Indian. He is a kind and warm and loving man. He and I do not agree on loving everyone, but one day..he may change his tune. love your neighbor, I one day, you may need him or her as a good friend, someone to listen to your problems you maybe facing one day. You need to care for yourself as well as others, true...and do not get angry at friends or family members, as they need love in their life, not agruements.

People may think bad thoughts about me or not want to be my friend, but this is fine. I will continue to pray for others, even those that do not love or care for me.

So..if you do not love others, tells one about their own character. I happen to care for everyone, even people that lied on me or lie to me and this is another thing, lying get's one no where fast, and why lie? Does it serve a purpose. does one feel better about them selves when they lie to others. Why sin like this for? Do you want people to remember you as a liar, or thief? Don't you wish to feel in your heart, that you are a good and decent person? I am not talking about being a decent Christian, as even a christian can lie to you. I have known people like this, that claimed to be a so called good christian and then lie about me. I never wrong anyone, and I am always an honest human, and I do not wish to hate anyone, no matter what sex or race they or he or she, maybe. I only wish to care for others, and if this is wrong, then whom is right in this world. I have friends that are African-American and relatives whom are of this race. Should I hate them for their color? Absolutely not! What is Jesus was African-American, should I love him less for his color? No! I should not. What if all the Gods or Goddesses wore of a color many or some would not chose to think about in their minds. What if one day, we all speak different languages? What if they sun decided to no longer shine, or the moon would not shine any longer, should...I get upset over this one? Why be hurt inside what others say about you. Why cry tears and give them the satisfaction of your tears. Be happy inside. Be joyous in one's heart. Do not bicker and argue with your neighbor. Love him or her or them. Don't make excuses for yourself, to not love them for whom they are. Don't cry over split milk so to speak. If someone wrongs you, tell him or her or them, how this makes you feel, but be kind in your words as they tounge is a sharp instrument and do not say mean or callus or cruel things to them at all, just be kind to others, no matter if they are not kind to you. All in all, just be a good person and do your best to be kind and good to all walks of life, no matter what they may say to you, how they mistreat you even. Well, I hope my article helps someone out and that you take heed to all my words here. I appreciate you reading my article. Take care.

the end.

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