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Her Eating Is Embarrassing

By Graphic Ghana - Daily Graphic
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I love everything about my girlfriend who I’ve been dating for the past two years.

She loves our traditional food more than any other food. But her best part the meal is usually the bones.

She just loves bones so much so that she can preserve the bones for later consumption.

Last week I took her to my parents for the first time and you can’t imagine my humiliation when she ate all the fufu my mother gave her and cautiously tucked the bones in a tissue for the house.

My parents didn’t say a word but from my mother’s look, I’m sure she found that a bit awkward. How do I get her to stop this behaviour?

Dwayne, Achimota

Ah! Dwayne paa,

what are you talking about?

Have you come face to face with a hot bowl of banku and okro stew boxed with beef, goat meat and some wele or any other food for that matter?

My brother good food is tasty so let your girlfriend be. So long as she is not misconducting herself or forgetting her table manners, don’t take this matter too seriously.

I would ask you, however, to advise her to confine her craving for bones to your home and not take it outside.

It is a pity your mom has taken notice but you can prompt her about your girlfriend’s sweet tooth for bones.

Take it lightly; this is not the end of the world. You mention in your letter that you love everything about her so take her as she is and please provide her with enough bones when at home.

I learn it contains a lot of calcium.

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