Witch Magick

By Melanie Miller
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Witch craft has been here before Christ was even born. In fact, magick has been in the hearts of many witches and worlocks. There are male witches too.

Some own black cats and are good luck for witches. If you want a spell cast for you, ask a witch or worlock. Here is something you may wish to try at home...Have a black candle, light it, for power spells and wish for money or gold. You may use a green candle as well. Black candles and purple candles may be used for hexxing spells as well...and blue and lavender for healing spells. I am not a shaman but do cast healing spells for friends. Some of my spells are wonderful and I cast them for free for many folks. Some people send me witchcraft books as a thank you, for the spell that worked for them.

One woman needed a removal of nightmares so I cast the spell for her, and she said it worked splendidly. Now if you need a spell cast for you, you may wish to check out free spells on the internet, or order spell books or go to a library and rent a few witch craft books. You may find a vast selection of magickal books on the shelves.

I do not claim to be the best witch around, as I am sure their are better more aquarate witches out there, in this world. My friends ask me for money spells and many of my spells worked for them.

I am also a gifted psychic and have found lost items for others. One man said he could not find his wedding band, so I located it, by using my mind and found the lost wedding ring. He thanked me later for it and offered me a job at his job site, which I declined.

I can do many spells, hex spells on those I felt wore deserving of it. Recently, I did a spell for some individual to fall down as this person had stolen money from me and the spell worked...although I do not really enjoy casting hex or jinx spells on anyone, unless I feel they wore or are deserving of a hex spell cast on them but please note, if you cast a spell on someone that wronged you, be carfeful it does not come back on you, to haunt you, make sure this person or persons actually did something wrong or wronged you, and make sure to use a circle of salt around you, whilst casting a hex spell on someone or individuals and you may wish you toss some salt over your shoulder as well, for added protection while casting a spell on someone that you may feel deserves a hex or jinx on them.

I prefer money casting spells and healing and love spells, the most. Many friends asked me for money spells as said, and I can cast them well, and they do work nearly every time, I cast them for friends and family members alike.

My uncle is saling some of his land, as I cast a spell for his land to be sold and two months later, some one wants to buy some of his property. Now, how is this magic for you?

If you decide magick is right for you to cast, then by all means cast magick, alone, in solitare or with a wiccan or pagan friend. You may enjoy casting many spells alone, in privacy or with pals, and if you do not enjoy casting magick, then you can always pay a witch to cast them for you. Prices vary and some witches are low cost while others are quite expensive, but I would prefer to cast my own magick then to pay a white or gray or dark witch.

It is really up to you, what you wish to do and if you prefer to cast spells alone, you may do so. I wish you good luck in all your magick you may wish to cast and remember, if you cast magick that is dark magick this is to say, be certain this person or persons may be deserving of black magick performed on them, and be sure to thank the deity of your choice.

the end...