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‘Performing oral sex is like business, know the risks before ‘venturing’ into it’ - Dr. Baah warns

Performing oral sex is like business, know the risks before venturing into it - Dr. Baah warns

Dr. Michael Baah Biney has cautioned individuals about the potential risks associated with engaging in oral sex without proper knowledge of their partner's sexual history.

Drawing a comparison to business ventures, the healthy life advocate emphasized the importance of understanding the potential consequences before engaging in any sexual activity.

In an interview on TV3’s ‘New Day’ morning show, he said, “Before you try it (oral sex) on anyone, I keep on repeating, please know the sexual escapades of the person.”

Much like evaluating the risks associated with a business endeavor, he noted that understanding a partner's sexual history can help prevent unforeseen complications and protect one's own well-being.

“If you’re unsure, it’s like you are going for a business - if you’re unsure about the risks of a business, you don’t want to venture into the business because it can come back to you as losses - some serious losses that you didn’t want to have,” he warned.

The esteemed doctor stressed that uncertainties about a partner's sexual history should serve as a warning, encouraging individuals to exercise caution and reconsider engaging in sexual activities.

He said, “…so you don't want to try certain things…please make sure you know the sexual history of your person before you have sex or before you try the oral sex.”

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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