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Perfect Match Xtra character profile and lessons

Grace and BebelinoGrace and Bebelino
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Perfect Match Xtra, a new Ghanaian reality TV dating show with lessons to learn.

The characters
One of my favourites Etonarm who is coupled with Lovelyn is so mature. He's kind, real, honest and good hearted. Lovelyn ( from Nigeria) despite the gossiping here and there, has a good heart, is extremely matured and level headed. A taker of no nonsense when one girl in the house wanted to cause trouble with her. She's civil but it's clear the girl in her mind doesn't exist. She continues to focus on her beautiful budding relationship. That's how we should handle haters.

My least favourite couple is Dzato and Sandra. Two bullies and gossipers who enjoy each others company. The two of them bullied their former partners and are now trying to bully them in the house. When it didn't work like all bullies they are playing victim. Two low life, low class, boring people without decorum and identities. As all bullies and frequent gossipers are.

Another one of my favourites Bebelino grew up on the streets, he's a kind guy with a ferocious temper. He has a beautiful heart. His original partner was Sandra now he's with Dzato's ex the lovely Grace. They have great chemistry, Grace is a bit hesitant because of his background. She is always explaining herself to the girls in the house who bully her and gossip about her and Dzato. She doesn't understand some people will not like you, if those people are fools act like they don't exist. There's no need for pleasantries, explanations, they even bullied her to apologise. When Bebelino heard about it be was furious and caused commotion. Which was good. She should utilise the kind hearted Tiger she has around her, they both like each other. She needs someone tough. She's too soft. He needs someone gentle.

Bella and Kodak. Kodak is a supreme gentleman. Who isn't a bully or gossip. He has defended Grace so many times. He stopped Bebelino beating Dzato. He's all about good vibes and like me sleeping. Bella is a gossip but unlike Sandra I don't think it's malicious just boredom. Kodak hates her gossiping ways and has told her to learn to shut up. However despite her annoying can't mind my business ways. She's blunt, she's generous but also jealous of Lovelyn( I don't really like gossips) however I think there's more to Bella Kodak also sees.

Ruth and Ali. At first I liked them I thought they were fun. Yet the gossiping, back biting and two facedness is now too much. They both have chemistry though and are the life of a party. Who knows where it will end up. I don't think they are as despicable as Dzato and Sandra but I have no interest in continue to build a profile on two gossips.

Sandra and Dzato, Lovelyn and Etornam, Ruth and Ali, Kodak and BellaSandra and Dzato, Lovelyn and Etornam, Ruth and Ali, Kodak and Bella

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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