House of horrors - church hurt/bullies story. God is still good.

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Brood of vipers

Some people would say we can't judge God by Christians and church hurt. The church is full of broken people. Jesus calls them wolves in sheep's clothing, deceivers of the elect and brood of vipers-those words are honest descriptions. Let me tell you my experience.

Growing up I was bullied mercilessly by nasty girls who were frenemies. Majority of them were praise the lord hallelujah youth camp girls. They are still broods of vipers and white washed tombs. Their parents are pretty much the same. As a very clever young lady even though my Pastor was wonderful and I met other lovely Christians.I didn't believe in God really till 16. Those girls quiet funnily bashed with the bible, bragged about speaking in tongues yet had awful characters, always mocking people. As the vipers they were as adults they lied against me, denied what they had done to me and tried to get me in trouble, breaking me even more.

One of the girls and her mother went the extra mile tarnishing my name to all her church folk as well as leaking information I told her to keep confidential. Only editing my words to fit her agenda. She ended up as a youth Pastor of a church whose caucasian pastor was called out rightly for racism against minorities, she was still comfortable in that environment as a black woman. It tells of the type of person she is. Funnily after all this they all want to use the bible to guilt me into forgiving them so they can once again pollute my happiness. The worse one's mother still hovers around trying to get access to people around me with no shame. She went to play her silly games using God to try and harm someonelse. The person gave it right back to her and disgraced her, she then tried to play victim.

As time went on I furthered my education to a tertiary level. I went to a church were the pastors were very happy to allow bullying, gossip and nonsense to flow in the church citing the church is full of broken people. Never saw that in the bible. Paul spent most of his time rebuking people Jesus called vipers. Pastors didn't mind rebuking those who spoke out against the nonsense. I church hopped to another church. This time the pastor was the gossiper.

Some will say we don't go to church for the pastor. Jesus said be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing who will come and deceive you. My sheep hear my voice and don't follow wolves. This pastor was a gossip. Spreading rumours about me that landed on a WhatsApp group with other praise the lord hallelujah vipers.

Apparently he had been praying to save me. Apparently the holy spirit told him, he wanted to use God falsely to abuse me, that I should apologise for standing up for myself against the bullies in his church. Turns out God didn't really speak to him or them much cause he would have told them to stop gossiping. So he wouldn't end up on a WhatsApp group. The whole experience was destabilising and when it came out. As other vipers 'close to God' who find nonsense funny they laughed. Only one person in a group chat with an elder and so called Christians told me in secret what they said about me. I was shocked when I saw evidence of what they were saying about me in the group chat.

One girl in the group chat ( the irony and disgusting part is she's an aspiring physchologist) even said I belonged in a high category mental hospital. The others laughed. They also laughed at threats of violence another I considered a friend in the group chat was saying she would do to me if there were no consequences. This one was a youth leader in her church. They all acted very differently in public though. Like they were angels with no sin. The level of hipocrisy and no shame they hold is outstanding. These people take God for a fool, they don't respect him, they don't value him and mock his name. Yet want to condemn with his name. So he calls them Vipers, because they abuse with the scripture. The reason they aren't called broken people in the bible is they have no desire for God. Like the brood of vipers they just want to bully and abuse people, it's intentionally sinister. Let's stop giving them excuses.

Not one to be treated badly I left for another church. This church was cool, no gossipers, no bullies. Yet there was no love or solidarity. They were no where to be found when things got rough and ignored cries for help. I felt God abandons. So I left again. This time I totally lost my footing with God.

However I'm back to God. The truth is I've been so hurt and dismissed by the church. Those brood of vipers, white washed tombs and wolves in sheep's clothing aren't representative of the gospel. They are not Christians. The church is not 'full of broken people who continue to do nasty things with no criticism' that are no big deal. Jesus rebukes them. Jesus wants to hold your hand and bring you to his real church. Under real pastors, in fellowship with real Christians. Will you give him a chance?

I know you've been told that it will never get better. I've met great pastors and great Christians. I'm in a great church now. I took the chance though to see a God the wolves in sheep clothing do not love. They hate him like their fathers who crucified Jesus hated Jesus. As Jesus rightly says their father is the devil. God is a good God trust me.

John 10:27 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." If you have been hurt by serpent/ wolf/dead bones/ white washed tomb in the church/wolf in sheep clothing pastor. Jesus calls them devil's children. These horrors ( human dead bones, wolves, snakes) are scaring people from church. Jesus loves you, he's your defender. He didn't ignore them, publicly shamed them while caring for victims. He so wants to for you. Good pastors are out there. Churches who love like family. Good Christians who are christlike. It's a big lie all churches are houses of horrors. Don't let them take away your relationship with your wonderful father God, know his voice. God has a sense of humour look at how he describes them.

People want to say the church is full of different people and it's true. Sheep ( Christians) Goats ( horrors), wheat ( Christians) Chaff ( horrors), elect ( Christians). Wolves, serpents, dead bones ( horrors). Children of God and children of the devil ( horrors). Jesus was nice to the prostitute, lepers, the adulteresses. He knew how to use words. He meant every word. The horrors are disgusting and nasty. Of course people will run for their lives when deadly predators, snakes, wolf and human dead bones are disturbing them. Jesus is the defender of those hurt by them. Just because many in church have decided to turn a blind eye to God's house being a house of horrors and thieves, under the guise of 'just forgive' the church is full of broken people, doesn't mean God approves of their behaviour.

Don't believe the I go to church for a perfect God not imperfect sinners. Jesus said you don't go to church were the pastor is a wolf in sheep's clothing. People are sensitive-if you were around a snake or wolf which bit you and scorpions you would have huge trauma and scars. Stay away from the horrors and find yourself some real Christians. Yes they are imperfect people you find Jesus being nice to them. Not the scorpions and snakes.

Look in the bible Jesus defends their victims. He loves you.


Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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