Nam 1 - golden- is the lack of forgiveness for him still going on?

Lifestyle Nam 1 - golden- is the lack of forgiveness for him still going on?
MAR 25, 2023 LISTEN

Nana Appiah what a guy-he didn't even have to get into politics to scam Ghanaians.

A satirical piece
In a country were rapists are running free. We blame it on the girls, and we say God forgives. Murderers and abusers get away with things, we say God forgives, God knows why he does what he does. People are cheated out of justice every single day and we say God forgives, let it go, bitterness is drinking poison and expecting someone to die.

Yet this man who swindled those who couldn't use their coboko( brains) to clearly see a ponzi scheme, and didn't force them to want to store treasures on earth is being persecuted by Christians, Muslims and others up and down the country won't let us sleep. What is the big deal, some judges are swindlers, some politicians are swindlers, some religious leaders are also swindlers in this great moral country of ours, but we dare not touch the Lords annoited. Yet this mere man who used his brains on those who love silver and gold more than the lord, more than good and evil, is being persecuted for God knows how long, why can't they just get over it. It's been how many years?

I mean there are mad people running in streets in Ghana, a common thing like money being stolen is making people lose focus and stop being grateful- be grateful. Let us thank God for our sanity, for food to eat, and for life and stop this Nam 1 nonsense.

Mercy for Nana Appiah Mensah-who hasn't sinned, cast the first stone? Those who believe in forgiveness, including for those laughing at mental illness ( for instance Abena Korkor) and all other ills( in that sinful country) they find not a big deal to let go should keep quiet. Also when we are talking about politics in Ghana they should forgive and keep quiet stop disturbing us. If you'll be hot be hot, if you'll be cold be cold and stop togbe togbe (flipping left and right) if you don't like something, forgive, the national cathedral is being built.

Forgive! Forgive! to err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgiveness for Nana Appiah Mensah. Don't store treasures on earth were moths destroy, it is well with your soul. He's stolen the money but God will provide. We look for our home in heaven, wa fa wa fa, (if he has collected he has collected),I was shocked to see so many forgivers asking for his blood, and saying God is watching, don't worry he sure is. Let's be merciful and pray for Nam 1. All things including swindled money, work for the good of those who love God, for if you do not forgive Nam 1 of his sins, God shall not forgive you. Ama Ghana, forgiveness bashers, be wise.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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