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Happy Mother's Day, especially to my mum

Happy Mother's Day, especially to my mum
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My mama bear
Whose nipples I sucked on
Was born from my Grandmother bear
She tried to give me a life full of honey,
Sacrificing hers in hibernation in return,
Yet she did of her free will.
She gave her life for mine.
So I will be nurtured.
This baby bear who isn't so small anymore

Is sometimes naughty
Sometimes furious with her
She in turn is sometimes furious with me.
Yet that is the law of love and sacrifice
We forgive and play again anyway.
In the end I know her greatest wish
In sacrificing her free life for mine
So I can have a life full of honey.
I love and appreciate her for it,
Even though sometimes shamefully I don't thank her for it.

She's loved me so selflessly I think is a given.

Yet I love her very deeply and appreciate it,

Even though I don't always say it.
Happy Mothers day Vera! And all mothers who've birthed children and those who've mothered children they haven't birthed!

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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