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The Lord shall establish your going out and coming in

The Lord shall establish your going out and coming in
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I.PRECIOUS AND BELOVED IN THE LORD, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat this day, this week, this month, this year. Satan cannot touch you once you are connected to God. The Holy Ghost fire in you will burn all demonic forces who attempt to touch you. Therefore, watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Be strong in the Lord and he shall carry you through. STAND FIRM AND THE LORD SHALL ESTABLISH YOUR GOING OUT, AND COMING IN ALWAYS.

II. BELOVED DAUGHTER OF ZION, if the enemy was bold enough to tempt Jesus Christ the Son of God, desired to have Simon Peter ascribed as the right-hand man of Jesus, and also infiltrated into the camp of Jesus and used Judas Iscariot to betray the master then we need to constantly watch and pray. Be careful that you don’t become an agent of the devil against the brethren. The enemy is looking for empty spaces to occupy and operate from. DON’T ALLOW YOUR BODY TO BECOME A VACANT HOUSE FOR THE DEVIL TO RENT TO DESTROY OTHERS

III. BELOVED SON OF MAN, let us, therefore, be sober, but vigilant; because our adversaries, enemies, and detractors, are prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone they can devour. Therefore, let us WATCH AND PRAY. WATCH OUT FOR THE LANDMINES. WATCH OUT FOR THE TRAPS. Watch out for he comes in through a clever and indirect way, to entrap us. But fear not for Jesus Christ our great advocate before the Father is praying and interceding for us that our faith may not fail. SO THAT WHEN WE OVERCOME THE DEVICES OF THE ENEMIES WE WILL STRENGTHEN OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

IV. MY BELOVED SISTERS AND DEAR BROTHERS though they may plan evil against you, though they may devise mischief, they will not succeed, says the LORD of Host. Stand firm for other people are depending on you to move forward. This is a DIVINE WORD OF POWER sent forth through the authority of Christ Jesus and serve the brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! This year may this Book, The Bible never depart from our mouths, let us, therefore, meditate on it day and night.

V. 2023 MY DIVINE YEAR TO PURSUE, CAPTURE, AND TAKE POSSESSION - And David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I pursue after this band? Shall I overtake them? He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake and shall surely rescue.”

PRAYER: Lord, wealth and honour come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all, honour thy servant according to your Word through Christ Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

REF: Luke 22:31&32
Matthew 26:41
I Peter 5:8
Psalm 21:11
I Samuel 30:8
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