Manicures are key in the fashion industry

Lifestyle Manicures are key in the fashion industry
DEC 17, 2022 LISTEN

Ms. Bernice Ofori, Chief Executive, of Unice Beauty Care in Tema Community One has explained that nail art and nail care are two important aspects for the majority of women in the contemporary era, stressing “manicures make your nails smoother and healthier than before”.

She said Artificial Nails Therapists in Tema are set for the 2022 Christmas yuletide, as according to her nails play an equally important role in the women’s fashion industry as it helps ladies to showcase their personality better.

Ms. Ofori told newsmen that artificial nails help conceal or fix broken, damaged, short, or otherwise considered unattractive nail appearance.

“They also help prevent nail biting, breakage, and splits. They are used when people are not able to grow the length and strength of natural nails that they desire or simply desire a new fashion look,” she said.

On the cost of fixing artificial nails, Ms. Ofori said the charges range from GHc70.00 for Ombré nails for short lengths and GHc150.00 for long lengths.

Ms. Ofori said artificial nails play a very important role for ladies as it adds a different kind of beauty to ladies’ make-up, “we are ready to help enhance the beauty of ladies for the Christmas celebration. As ladies we like to step out boldly and fashionably”.

Ms. Edna Larteh, Nail Technician noted that the normal acrylic powder used on the nails cost GHc9.00 while fixing eyelashes on both eyes using two pieces of the lash cost GHc25.00 and four pieces cost GHc40.00 and trimming of the eyebrows is GHc5.00.

Ms. Beatrice Ayeh, Manager of BB Lounge and Cosmetics at Tema Community One stated that with only GHC70.00 one could get a good pedicure treatment, and with Ghc30.00 get a manicure.

She explained that the beauty therapy industry also offers affordable prices for make-up for a two-day event which includes hair styling and nails at a reasonable price of GHc1,200.00 and makeup for a photo shot at as low as GHc80.00 whiles bridal make-up at a getaway cost of just GHc60.00 for a day.

Research indicates that acrylic nails are essentially extensions of natural nails that are made of combined liquid and powder, as the natural nail bed is filed down, and this mixture is added on top using a brush for application.

According to beauty therapists, the mould is then shaped and filed into the desired nail shape and nail polish would then be applied to the smooth surface.

According to therapists, artificial nails provide a durable means for ladies’ nails as they are hard, sturdy, and resistant to damage as well as serve as a protective layer for the natural nails underneath.

-CDA Consult II Contributor