World Heart Day By Dr. Barbara Entsuah

By Dr. Barbara Entsuah  MD
Health & Fitness World Heart Day By Dr. Barbara Entsuah
SEP 29, 2022 LISTEN

Hi everyone. This is Dr. Barbara Entsuah Family Medicine specialist. September has several health awareness topics like suicide prevention, Self care, Gynecological cancers, Blood cancers, HIV/AIDS, and healthy aging. We will discuss heart diseases today. The World Heart Federation has designated September 29th as World Heart Day, to bring awareness of 🫀Heart and Vessels Disease (CVD) and how they can be prevented. Each year about 18.9 million people worldwide die of heart disease and stroke.

CVD Diseases 🫀🧠These include: Heart Attacks, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke/TIA, Heart Failure, Rhythm Problems, Heart Valve Problems, Congenital Heart Disease (Birth defects), Cardiomyopathy (Heart Muscle Disease), and Blood Vessel Diseases affecting vessels in the neck/legs. The first 6 listed are the most common.

Risk Factors for CVD: 🫀🧠

These are due to acquired or inherited conditions but most are acquired and include: Hypertension, Tobacco use, high cholesterol, high Triglycerides, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, Insulin resistance, physical inactivity, excessive use of alcohol, air pollution, stress and Inflammation from diseases such as arthritis, lupus, psoriasis or inflammatory diseases. Among these High Blood Pressure is the number one in most populations.

The inherited causes include, genetic factors, Family history, ethnicity, age and gender.

One in three deaths from CVD occur prematurely in people under 70 years and 75% of deaths occur in low and middle income countries, so it’s a fallacy to think they occur only in rich countries and elderly people.

Prevention of CVD and Complications

  • Take medicines for your medical conditions as prescribed.
  • Get your BP, Blood sugar and Cholesterol numbers down
  • Don’t ran out of your medicines get refills before they finish
  • Engage in live style changes like healthy eating and regular exercise/physical activities.
  • Walk with a friend, play music and dance
  • Make sure you follow up with your doctor/nurse on a regular basis for check up
  • Obesity can be decreased by healthy eating, regular exercise and intermittent fasting
  • Lower Sodium/salt Intake, simple Carbs and increase intake of fruits/Veggies
  • Lower stress level by listening to music, praying, meditating, physical and social activities like meeting with friends etc.

Please Share with Family and Friends.

Thank You.

Dr. Barbara Entsuah MD (Author, Educator, and Speaker)

Author of: “A woman’s Guide to Her Body and Total Health”

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