Sex Is A Pleasure

By Nana Adarkwa
Love & Relationships Sex Is A Pleasure
JUL 11, 2022 LISTEN

Women are tender, they have the capacity to receive and reproduce. They are naturally built from their heart - the more reason they’re feeling-oriented. On the other hand, Men are visionaries and feel with their sights. No wonder they’re eye-oriented. For instance women think about wedding dresses, colors, bridesmaids, among others as fanciful but men overlook them.

Men mostly approach women for two reasons; Sex and Love. But in most cases, men do not marry for any of these reasons. They rather go for stability. A man can love or make love with a woman for years without marrying her. But when he finds someone who brings stability in his life, he’s convinced that the woman can build for him a home and immediately marries her.

Sex is a sweet act and Love is a sweet affection, yet the former does not validate the latter and vice versa. They exist dissimilarly but Respect is Stability.

Don’t flummox Sex and Love. It’s your game, play it wisely. Until then, you’ll know that Sex is a Pleasure.

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