Happy Easter-death could not hold him. The greatest love there ever was.

Happy Easter-death could not hold him. The greatest love there ever was.
19.04.2022 LISTEN

The greatest love there ever was:
It's Easter Sunday and death could not hold him.

There's a faux Christianity going around. The gospel of prosperity, the gospel of judgement, pride and the gospel of self. The gospel of what can God do for me and I tap into this blessing. The gospel of a suffering free life and a life were people will worship the chtistian. The life were stone turns to bread, all the world's wealth is yours, all men bow before you and you choose who to shun for their unrighteousness like the pharisee.

On Good Friday/ Saturday, I watched the gospel of Jesus. The gospel were the blind see. The mad become well, the fisherman learns to fish men and the tax collector lives a humble life with Jesus. Were the adulterous woman finds hope and the Pharisee finds redemption, were a prostitute can wash the feet of Jesus. Were all mankind, no matter jew or gentile, rich or poor, godly or ungodly unite under that star of wonder, star of night. The Jesus that all can call Lord. The Jesus who rredeem,who brings us close to God, who teaches us that whoever wants to be great must be a servant. Who teaches us that without love we are nothing at all.

It's the gospel of love. The God who loved so much who gave his son so we could be connected to him. The God who tells us to spread his love to all, to not judge, to love those who love us, even those who hate us. To love the rich, the poor, the abled bodied, the disabled and everyone no matter who they are or what they believe in. The God who teaches us to live in peace. To be humble, to not serve ourselves and to cast out the need to worship man or be shackled by what man thinks or does. After all who is man that we should fear him. The God that brings freedom and healing.

The God that shows us even if we suffer our suffering cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed with us. The God who shows us we don't have to fear or worry about money, or any other earthly thing because he will supply our needs ( not our wants) according to his riches and Glory. Whose plans for us are bigger than what our little mind can comprehend as a good life. The God that can change our life and give us a better story. Even if human beings or we ourselves have crucified ourselves to death, he will give us a new life.

So this Easter we celebrate the forgiveness of sin, the mercy extended to all of us so we can in turn give mercy and the message that transcends all things. That love is the greatest thing in this world and no matter what anyone believes this a message that cannot be wrong. To love one another no matter what, to live in peace and without judgement.

To Emmanuel the one who sacrificed his life on the cross so we could love, so we could be close to the father and him. Thank you. Watching the story of Jesus again made me realise how humbling and great the good news is and how it should be spread so others can have that redemption too, and God can also have joy in us and be well pleased.

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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